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  1. Hello, I have a question for the guitar players. Are the Esteban Guitars you've seen on the infomercials and HSN really good or is it just hype?? http://esteban-guitars.com/ My mildly mental handicap son had a First Act acoustic and about a year ago and got a entry level Yamaha electric guitar with a practice amp and such. Esteban guitars claim to have all the lessons where anyone can learn, and have a nice amp that came make an acoustic guitar go to electric by a button on the amp. A guy at our church has shown him 3 chords, (C, D and G?) and told him that's all he needs to get started. My stepson doesn't really practice so he seem to learn a little bit but doesn't go passed that. Also I've been wondering since I don't hear of any Esteban's concerts or shows until just as his commercials come on. Thanks for any help! Truly, Sticks
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