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Fender 60's Reissue Stratocaster

Sound Quality

I didn't really like the bridge PU and middle PU. I loved the neck PU. So, when I did mods to my Mexican strat, I took the two PUs from it that I was replacing, and put them in the bridge and middle positions on my 60's strat. They are higher output than the stock PU's. for the neck it worked, but it needed some extra push for the other two positions.


Strats don't break. They drop off stands 10 times in a row, and they are still in tune. As a matter of fact, I had some idiots over one night to jam, and one of these idiots knocked this black strat off the stand twice!!!! Both times within like 5 minutes of eachother. It was in tune, with not a scratch. Nuff said

General Comments

I like this strat after all the mods. It has a great sound and a great look now. I like strats the best. I always have. Do I even need to explain? Ok, fine. Two words - Eric Jihnson.

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