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  1. Does anyone have any opinions on the Fulldrive 2 or GT-500? I've never tried either but the features look interesting.
  2. Pitchblack is a good choice. OCD is great for overdrive and distortion. I would also check out the new Dano Cool Cat pedals. Cheap, and now made of metal. Supposedly they sounds really good too. Delay: I like the Hardwire DL8 a lot. Versatile, sounds great, feels very well built. Chorus: Small Clone is a good choice. There's a Cool Cat chorus pedal too, worth checking out. My 2 cents. I was looking at the Small Clone. Isn't it a bit limiting with only one knob to tweak?
  3. Any preference against a Boss SD-1 or DS-1? Probably one of those Ibanez DX-7s set up low. I've liked Dano products in the past... I actually have a Boss SD-1 but it doesn't have enough gain for what I want to do. I used to have an DS-1 but I have trouble with the volume. I could never get the volume to balance when the pedal was on and off. Even with the volume maxed it was too quiet. I'll check out the Ibanez. I love my Dano Cool Cat but it's kind of bitch figuring out how to get power too it since it's 18 volts. I was hoping to use a pedal snake and keep all my power stuff back by the amp.
  4. First. Who are you? Second. Korg pitchblack, MI Audio Crunch Box, MXR Carbon Copy, EHX small clone. What do you mean, who am I? Thanks for the input. Looking them up now!
  5. So I think I have a new band gearing up and I want to do something with my rig. Up until this point I've used rack effect or no effects at all. This time around I'd like to rock out with a small pedal board. The music will be sort of 90's rock type stuff with elements of rockabilly, jazz and metal mixed in. Here is what I'll be using.. Guitars with be Fat Strats and Fat Teles and Les Pauls loaded with P90s. Amps will either be a Fender Hotrod Deluxe or a '67 Fender Bassman running into a V30 loaded 2x12 So I'm thinking I need the following... Tuner - I'm thinking the Korg Pitchblack is the way to go) Overdrive/Distortion - I'd like something with a decent amount of gain to it but nothing compressed or buzzy sounding like a Metal Zone. Something more open and natural sounding. Delay/Echo - Something to cop that rockabilly echo. Chorus - Because I love chorus. As far as price range goes, I don't want to cheap out but I don't want anything real expensive either. This rig will be going to dive bars and places like that and I wouldn't want to bring pedal that are real rare or expensive. Plus, this rig will also probably go to open jam night so it other people would be stomping on them too. What do you guys recommend???
  6. I haven't owned an Echo Park, but my 2 cents are that if you want to "suck it up", don't get a DL-4, get a Boss DD-7, as it is chock full of features, brand new and looks to sound good, and it will be a lot more reliable than the DL-4. It is also much smaller, but can be expanded with an expression pedal and tap tempo. DL-4 is no good?
  7. Not worth it with the dd-7 coming out. Is the DD-7 the reason I can't find any DD-6s?
  8. Looking into getting a delay pedal but I'm not sure what I want. I was going to go with a DanEcho but I think I want the tap tempo option. So my question is, how is the Echo Park? How is the tap tempo feature? A lot of reviews I've read said it is very noisy, any truth in this? Worth the money or should I just suck it up and get something like the DL4?
  9. Getting back to the original question: There's no way to use two plugs on a daisy chain to double the voltage, no. All the plugs are wired in parallel, from the same source, so connecting them in series (which is the way 18 volts is generated from two 9 volt batteries) will only short the power out. ambys mentioned the Godlyke Power Pump, which will bump the voltage up to 18 volts. Some users have reported noise problems powering time-based (such as a chorus or flanger) pedals with it, so make sure you can return it if it doesn't work out for you. Also, the Virtual Battery from GigRig will let you simulate an isolated power source (such as a battery) from a daisy chain. Two of those (with the battery connector ends) can be used to power an 18 volt pedal. /Andreas Ouch. $75 for the Virtual Battery. I'd be better off just buying a new Chorus pedal that isn't 18 volts.
  10. Yep. Makes no difference att all, in fact you're more limited passing the power through the TU2 because the TU2 can only pass a maximum of 200ma through it. Like I said, the TU2 is a great tuner, just don't limit yourself to only that model because you planned on using it to power other pedals. you're gonna need a wall wart and a daisychain whichever way you do it, so you don't necessarily need the TU2. Excellent! Thanks for the info!
  11. I'm not saying don't get a TU2, because the TU2 is a great tuner. I'm just saying don't choose it because of the power supply thing, because it isn't a power supply. There are other options available to you if you take the power supply out of the question - like a Behringer TU600 at 1/3 the price Or a Korg DT10 which is supposed to be a little better than the Boss for the same kinda money. So I could just hook the daisy chain off a single 9 volt adapter to power my pedals and get a different tuner?
  12. Don't buy the TU-2 based on it's 'power supply' capabilities, because it does no such thing. All it does is pass power through it from the wall wart, which makes it essentially a completely useless feature. You may as well just daisychain straight from the wallwart. But yeah, you can get a little voltage doubler which will do the trick for you. Hmmm... Well, like I said, this is going to be a small board. OD pedal, Delay, Chorus and a tuner. I didn't think it was worth getting anything more than the Tu-2 for something like this. Nice avatar, btw! I love that show!
  13. Hi everyone, I'm looking into building a small pedal board soon. Nothing fancy. But I was thinking of going with a Boss Tu-2 for a tuner since it can power other pedals. However, my chorus pedal is a Danelectro Cool Cat which uses 18 volts. Is there an adapter of some sort that that will let me use 2 of the Tu-2s power connections to supply the Cool Cat with the 18volts?
  14. He wishes he was Hetfield. He needs to give it up and do his own thing.
  15. I think I'll just wait until Crash gets his drums and make an educated question to him. Far too often have we seen someone showing up promoting a product, and then another new user talking about how great they are. Basically sales stuff right there. This seems more legit, though, and probably just odd timing. We'll find out -- does HBDrummer use the forum, or only use it to pump up HB Drums? That'll end that matter... Quite curious to see how this goes! HBDrummer has 10 posts, most of which are in this thread. I think that speaks for itself...
  16. I have seen you selling kits on ebay a year or two back. I went to your websight from there. I seriously thought about getting one of the huge 12 piece kits I saw on your websight. I didn't go through with it though. I had never heard of your brand before and didn't know what to expect for quality. A 12 piece kit for less than 1500.00 seemed to good to be true. I chickened out. I really did like the red wine finish though. Same here. Ended up going Pearl instead.
  17. I tried one of these the other day at the local GC and LOVED it! It's a steal for $325. Highgrade is just a bitchpuppet who can't figure the amp out.
  18. Could you ease up on the "jew" word for a bit? Or do you wear a Nazi arm band? +1
  19. "Clayman" is heavy metal perfected. +1 With Colony in a very close second.
  20. Just to let everyone know, Guitar Center will got down to $350 out-the-door to an io26. Thats what I got mine for.
  21. I have not found a phase flip function on the io26, so I suspect there isn't one. That's not a big deal to me, though, as my host software has a phase flip switch on each channel. Really? Is that something Cubase SX has?
  22. I've got a question for you fellow io26 owners. My old Delta 1010LT could reverse the phase on an input if two mics were out of phase with each other. Is there a way to do this on the io26?
  23. What are you running the Dual Rec into? If it's a Vintage 30-loaded cab, there's your answer right there. Vintage 30s are a more efficient speaker than 75s, and thus a V30 cab is significantly louder. +1
  24. I bought the io26 about a month or so ago and love it. I got it for $350 out the door from GC. Apparently it's the first one they sold because the sales guy keeps calling me and asking me questions. I can vouch for everything Anderton has said so far about the build quality and features.
  25. Basically what I already have. Mesa Single Recto + Big Apple Stratocaster. That setup can cover a lot of ground.
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