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  1. If you can, please to be recommending me some books y'all! It's one of those things I want to learn, and I know the basics of it, but I've just got to get a lot more fluid in it. I think I need something with exercises in it, and something where I can check that I'm doing it right. Any suggestions? How'd you learn?
  2. Ohh cool, yeah I've checked out that link, seems pretty interesting. I might go for something from the duo core range. With that in mind, what chipset should I be looking at here? Donger, what I'm talking about is the other bits on the motherboard, apparently there's different chipsets, and some work better with certain cpu's, and some have uneccesary features that ya don't need for audio. Anyone know what I'm talkin' about?
  3. yeah I hear the same thing around the traps about intel chipsets and cpu's working well together. What I want is a list of viable options for audio work for intel chipsets, and their acceptable cpu's. Also, does anyone have an opinion on the new(er) Core or Duo Core cpu's? Are they worth the extra cash?
  4. Yar. Soundgarden is/was/are one of my favourite bands, but I never really liked the production on most of their later stuff. Especially BadMotorFinger, great album/songs, but I haaaaaaaate the sounds of it, especially the kick! Overall it sounds just too 'safe', especially for songs like Jesus Christ Post. It's such a raw and wild song, and there are others on that album too, that would be suited better to a different approach on the production, in my opinion.
  5. Alrighty, I'm building a new soley audio computer, got most things sorted out (soundcards, hard drives, monitors, cases etc), now I just need to get the motherboard and CPU sorted out. I'm pretty happy with Intel, I just want to know what processors are looking good at the moment, wether those new duo or core 2 chips are worth it (yet), and also what chipsets I should be looking at? I think it's going to be one of the 775-pin processors, I just need to know what chipsets are the best for audio stuff.
  6. That's the tricky bit; it is part of a dual ganged mini pot. And not only that, the pots are all on a little circuit board which connects to the main CB via a ribbon-style cable. There are, however, individual traces and points for the pot I want on the circuit board, so I'm thinking I might have to figure out which is which, and do some ultra-fine soldering action.
  7. Ok, so I have this idea... I want to be able to connect a rocker type pedal (wah, volume) to a Metal Zone pedal, and have the rocker pedal control the frequency of the mid control. I'd have the mid up full, and I'd be able to move the frequency with the control pedal. It''ll basically end up sounding like a wah pedal. I've found a page here which says how to mod most pedals so you can connect an external foot controller to control one of the parameters. It's just that the MT-2 is all on PCB and I'm not too sure what's going where. If I was to take a pic and show someone, would you be able to tell me where to do what?
  8. Ok, I have a Mesa Nomad 45, and I want to change one of the level pots in it. The master output for ch.2 on my amp is awkward; there's a massive jump in level just around 9 o'clock on it, and it's like it's either not overdriving the next stage or it is, the amount of travel to find an in-between area is like 1mm. Would it be possible to do this, just change it to a different tapered pot?
  9. That would work pretty well actually, that's a cool technique. It's usually done connecting 2 cabs, miking one up and having the other one in the control room. I must try this actually!
  10. Ooh cool, let us know when you get some clips done! The clips on the site for that thing as, in my opinion, really really bad, it sounds SO fake.
  11. So the palmer is in the lead so far, but from what I've read it's good, but could be better in its sound. I have a Weber MASS which is a power attenuator, and it can be used as a full load so you can disconnect the speaker. So I'm looking for the 'best' sounding simulator. Anyone got a Motherload? I got some clips off their site, and I gotta say they REALLY underwhelmed me.
  12. Ok, so lets assume I've got a great powersoak device to load the amp. Lets move on to speakers. I want something that can take a line level (or instrument etc) signal and make it sound like it's coming out of a roaring speaker or speaker cab. I have a Webber MASS unit, which is basically a variable powersoak. It can be disconnected from a speaker and used as a realistic load. My amp has a slave output, which is actually taken post power amp and padded down massively. I want something that can make it sound like a mic'd up speaker for direct recording. Most sims I've heard have sucked and been very unconvincing or way too-processed sounding. There must be something decent out there!? Anyone?
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