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  1. I bet you weren't expecting this: Oh my...what will jesus think?
  2. No. Thats just about what I expected.
  3. Yes. 99% of amps you find in stores were made "wrong." How so? That is a very broad statement.
  4. ...having a 1200 dollar amp use a printed circuit board?
  5. Compare the reissue to the original and make the needed changes. Those changes and some better speakers make a nice improvement. Jerry Oh o.k. I'll just go pick up an original to look over. Who makes better speakers?
  6. I think the best thing you can do with that amp is install a Metroamps PTP board along with better transformers. What is a metroamp and where can I learn about them? Whats the story wih the transformers?
  7. Anybody know of any cool mods for the reissue? Is there a way to change the value (frequency) of the bass pot?
  8. im lookign for a good strong german beer.. whats the best? i hear sam adams boston logger is pretty good what do you guys think? Becks.
  9. I will NEVER buy from musicians friend again. I don't know how they stay in business.
  10. No sorry, everything I've been told says this isn't true. Other than the fact they both are 4x12 combo amps at 2 ohms the circuits aren't similar at all. Let me see if I can find some backup for this. I'm not a tech but I'm going on what my techs (good uns) have told me. Oh, btw I own both a Super (1966) and a three Bassmans (1956, 1958, and 1960). From what the original poster describes I'd strongly recommend a Bassman. A great Bassman sound reference is SRV's last album, Family Style and a great Super Reverb album is Ronnie Earl, "Blues Guitar Virtuoso in Europe" (or something close to that...it's been a while since I listened to it). I think (but I'm not sure) that Johnny Winter's "Second Album" was mostly a tweed Bassman too. You guys freekin rock! Thanks for the input. I think I'm going to get the '59.
  11. The Super is a Bassman with Reverb. A blackface super is a blues tone machine! I was under the impression that they are two different circuits....hmmmm. Do the new reissue Supers act like the old ones? In a good way?
  12. do you gig? these are both very loud amps. they sound so completely different you need to go try them out. the super has a "scooped mid" clean sound with surfy reverb whereas the bassman has mids and crunch at loud volumes. Yes we gig, a bit too much I must say. I am in a remote area and don't get to the city to try out different amps. No, I don't need reverb. Is the bassman capable of a nice clean sound? I run a TS9 or two and a crybaby. I don't think I have ever heard a Super that I like live, but some of my buddies are telling me I should have one. I am leaning toward the Bassman. I have a '65 Bassman now running into a Jensen PR15, cleaner than clean with lots of "bell tone". I want 4 10's singing in and out of phase right next to it. I'm just not sure which one. Thanks for your helpful input.
  13. Originally posted by DoubleBarrel 4000 ? what are you looking at ? And what's your budget ? And did you want a combo or a head and cab ? I thought I could get a decent amp for a grand. I looked at the purple 1 X 12 combo. Then I called them to see how much it was and he said it retailed for 4995. I just let it go at that. I have been complimented on my tone by many respectable guitarists. I am using a '65 bassman into a 4 ohm jensen 15 and a '72 twin into 2 old fender 12's. The whole rig is ready to take a {censored}, I get zapped on a regular basis, sometimes the twin doesn't even come on for 10 minutes. It is a frankenstein rig to be sure, until I find an amp guy I trust or buy a new amp. So it is obvious to me that I don't need to spend 4-5 thousand dollars for tone. I am leaning towards the new amp for now, I have never owned a new amp, ever, I want one, but I don't want to take out a {censored}ing loan for tone. I am leaning towards the Bassman, although I hate the idea of giving that horse{censored} company my money, it seems they have the best deal for the money. Thanks for your time and input. Slainte!
  14. Holy crap! Those Budda people are too proud of their stuff for me. There is not an amp on the planet worth 4000 dollars. It almost makes me hostile towards the company. I can't believe that someone would give that kind of money for an amp, but somebody sure is buying them...... probably all the most gifted mimics. The wonders of marketing.
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