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    I've been playing music, best I can, for 50 years. I began playing and writing songs at 10. I picked up piano mid 70s but didn't get serious until the 80s. Picked up drumming in 2001. Did a lot of live gigging from 1975 for a long time. Toured once. Met and played with lots of really good musicians along the way. Started recording in the mid 80s, haven't stopped.


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    West Yorkshire


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    Music, historic buildings and site, life.


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    Singer/Songwriter Producer

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  1. I began with CB radio, I moved on to running a BBS. And when the internet came along on, I jumped in feet first. I created and ran an early MMORPG, and lived with help, running my forums. One thing I did learn, you make forums require admin approvals for accounts and no guest posting. I was on Facebook when it began. I’ve been Facebook free for over a year now, and DO NOT miss it . The world is worse off, and better off, for our expansion of community. Sadly the majority of the noise of the internet is bad noise. I’m glad for the odd oasis. Even if I’m no longer a prolific interfacer . Tony
  2. Tons of popular songs with shallow lyrics (. But, lots of vacant minds that can't handle more than that. All equals success for someone, that made far more fame and money than I'll ever see.
  3. As much or as little as you need to get the job done. On one hand, never enough choices, on the other, my experience, gear use brain freeze. I've got the hardware under control. Now if I can just keep the plugins and VIs under control....
  4. If it ain't broke, don't fix it?. Creativity is based on individual use of available resources (rejiggering also). Finding new and interesting ways to create with them works fine, no?... Ultimately, we still only have the brain we evolved with, and evolution is a slow process. I personally don't want to see AI take a step too far and eliminate the chaos that is the human creative process .
  5. https://www.sweetwater.com/insync/what-is-lufs-and-why-should-i-care/ Good article Craig . And I use the Izotope insight meter. Definitely makes a big difference. I have to say, the idea of the hardware one has me interested. Interesting thing though, price is almost double here in Europe/UK for some reason, or not available.
  6. Here's where I have some fun . Skyhooks, ABBA, Air Supply, Leo Sayer, Neil Diamond, Dragon, Richard Clapton, Icehouse, John English. Hmmm.. who else, mostly 70s there, and some into the 80s.
  7. Depending on whether my wife writes the lyrics, or I do, is the impetus for ease or otherwise. My wife is a published poet and writes excellent works. I can't always find music in me for them, but, occasionally I can just sit down and it happens. We've been at it 31 years together. When I write songs, more often than not music on guitar or piano always comes first. I am inspired by movement and sounds.
  8. Listened to it on iPhone X, definitely Laurel, wife however on hers, heard Yanny. Supposedly younger ears are attributed too?.
  9. Change is a constant, it tracks time, which is a constant and unstoppable . My wisdom nugget for the day LOL. Tony
  10. Well.. wouldn't that be something . Just as I am preparing for the real possibility I may not be able to afford a new Mac.... oh well. I'll be watching in interest for things like those of us who bought 'lifetime' ownership .... yeah.
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