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  1. Just to update... I took the speakers into RCF. They were super helpful in checking them out to see if they could fix them. The one with the woofer cutting out turned out to have a blown resistor which they were able to replace. On the other speaker with the high-pitched ringing sound, they traced the issue to the power supply for the DigiPro 100 board inside. They don't have the part, so can't do anything for that one. I am very satisfied with RCF's customer care on this. When I called to speak to them, I was invited to bring the speakers in and they'd look at them right away. They did so with super quick turnaround and the repair fee was very reasonable, too. All in all, I'm appreciative of the effort they put into solving my issues with these speakers.
  2. I don't know for sure, because the local places wouldn't touch anything by RCF. I *think* the issue with the first speaker is electronics. It produces a very faint high-pitched noise when on (almost like a dog whistle). It's often not really noticeable, but it's definitely there. The second speaker just started acting up. What's happening is that the 10" is intermittent, so I'll occasionally only get sound from the tweeter. I imagine that's a wiring issue, but I don't know. I'm going to bring the speaker in (both actually) to RCF and they're going to look at it for me on the spot. They told me that if I need parts, I'm out of luck.
  3. Yup, hard as it is to believe, that's what RCF USA told me. I just confirmed it again this past week. I made arrangements to bring it in (the 2nd speaker which has the 10" speaker working intermittently) for them to look at and see if it's something they can fix without parts. If it needs parts, I'm out of luck. They told me the speakers are out of production for 8 years, and all the parts they had are gone. They suggested listing it as is for parts because there's apparently a lot of demand for parts for these.
  4. Yeah, that's kind of what I'm afraid of. The RCF's just sound so warm and clear, no matter the volume, and in pretty much any room I've used them in. I've heard harsh results in similar venues from the QSC K series and others. Somehow, for me, RCF hits the sweet spot more consistently. We've done some larger shows, where the house system/stage monitors were Meyer and those were fantastic, but obviously a whole different league price-wise and they are heavy too...
  5. I'm usually using them without subs. I love the warm sound, weight, and size, as well as the sound field and they put out a surprising amount of bass. I can play a cocktail party on keyboard through one and fill a small restaurant with one speaker. I've considered adding subs for some more dance-oriented gigs, and likely will soon. I'm particularly interested in options that are comparable in terms of those features. Some friends on Facebook have suggested the Line6 StageSource and the latest JBL PRX series as well. Any experience with and/or thoughts on those?
  6. Following up on my last thread... So it looks like I can not get my RCF 710a's repaired due to no more parts available (for the first version.) I still have two of the Mk II version of the 710a and I really love them. I've been using these as PA for a small wedding band and also as a keyboard amp for solo keyboard gigs. I'd really like to buy two more of the MK II's to replace the originals that failed, but the fact that no local techs will service RCF (or can't get either schematics or parts from RCF) leaves me worried about another investment in the brand. Things I love about these speakers are their size/weight/clarity/utility and the fact that the 10" puts out a very nice amount of bass for the size. What should I be looking at that would compare price-wise/quality wise? These list quite high, $1200 MSRP IIRC, but shopping around via eBay etc. leads to deals in the $600 range. I'm willing to spend more if needed. Thanks!
  7. You guys have been helpful in the past, so I thought I'd check in here again. I have two pairs of RCF 710a's. One set each of the original and the MkII version. (I actually prefer the original with one input that can take 1/4" or XLR as opposed to the MkII which has separate 1/4" and XLR inputs and requires physically moving a switch on the unit when going from one type to the other. But, I digress...) Anyhow, a while back, one of my original 710a's starting making a faint high-pitched sound when on. It's often unnoticeable unless you're listening for it, but depending on the room, it can be more noticeable. I tried taking the speaker in for service to two well-regarded service centers and both turned down the job saying they won't service RCF because RCF doesn't release service manuals, and they can't obtain parts either. I tried contacting RCF USA and they told me they no longer have parts for the original 710a's. Recently, the other original 710a started acting up too. In this case, only the tweeter is playing. I suspect that there's just a simple fix, but have no way of determining this, since I'm not particularly electronically inclined, and the techs have told me they won't touch RCF gear. As a result, I have two questions. 1) Are either (or both) of these repairable in any way? I live in North Jersey just outside NYC, if that's useful in terms of recommending a tech. 2) If not, is there any value in these units for spare parts? Thoughts, suggestions, helpful info etc. really appreciated. Thank you!
  8. Lol, Phil. My experience here is with the Keys forum, which died a few years back when they kept turning the forums off, and a whole host of people migrated to other forums. I used to check in daily, and now it's more like once every couple of months, so I just assumed... That'll learn me.
  9. Thanks for the advice, people! I've asked a friend who's a luthier, and he recommended the Yamaha's as well, so we'll go that route. He's also willing to help out with a setup if needed. (I actually considered posting in the AG forum first, but when the post that shows up in the forum listings is something about how "there's no conversation anymore"...)
  10. Popping in from the keyboard forum... A local school has asked me to lead a club for teens interested in playing in a band. They have a (small) budget for instruments, since some of the kids don't have their own, or can't bring them to school. One of the instruments they're asking me to pick up for the band is an electric/acoustic guitar. Can anyone here suggest some good options in the $300 and under price range? I'd like to help them keep costs down as much as possible, but want to make sure the kids are playing on good sounding/playing instruments, instead of struggling with something with poor workmanship, lousy intonation, etc. Thank you!
  11. OK, so I'm back from the gig. It was a six-hour wedding gig and the system performed flawlessly. It consists of four iPad Air units (I intend to add one more) and an Apple Airport Extreme Base Station. I set up the router on the stage in the ballroom and was able to use the iPads in the hall for the cocktails which about 150-250 feet away, as well as in the ballroom. I used ForScore and it worked great. Flipping pages/calling up tunes on my iPad did the same for all the other musicians. It was a great first outing. There are some features that I'd like to see ForScore add, but the app worked great for me in my tests at home, and on the gig. At the end of the night, the iPads each had a decent amount of battery life (over 60% and some closer to 80%). I need to do some thought-out PDF creating/indexing in Acrobat to maximize the possibilities of this setup, but I'm quite excited by it. It's very liberating to know that I can play any tune I've ever transcribed with the band on demand, even if I haven't looked at it in years, or I/they never learned it. Thanks again for all who gave helpful tips/advice.
  12. Ok, updating as I do this, in case anyone here is interested. So I've got an access point setup using the 6th-gen Apple Airport Extreme as well as four iPad Air units and am testing two apps for this purpose, Unreal Book and ForScore. So far, both are working well in tests at home. I'm going to try them at a wedding on Sunday and see how it goes. Good idea about having a backup plan. The plan B is that all of the iPads have the books/playlists loaded on them, and so, if needed, the pages can be "turned" and/or song titles entered manually by the band members. With regard to Bluetooth vs. WiFi, I believe that the consensus among app developers is that, as of yet, Bluetooth is not reliable enough on iPads for these purposes, and so these both rely on WiFI instead. ForScore has great Bluetooth functionality for sending charts from one iPad to another, but still relies on WiFi to communicate. I haven't yet explored Unreal Book in that regard. Thanks for all of the helpful comments!
  13. Wow, Mike. That's so helpful! These are all going to be my iPads, which I'll bring to the gigs, and which will only be used for sheet music, so I *think* I'll only need to set this all up once. At least that's the plan. Once it's up and running, I should be able to add any new charts to a dropbox folder or equivalent and download them easily. It's new ground for me, and I'm most concerned with the aspects I have no experience with, like setting up access points for iPads to talk to each other etc. I will say that I've been using an iPad with ForScore for the past year and a half or so on gigs, and it's been a real game-changer for me. I do a lot of freelance work with different wedding bands and am constantly running into a situation where a leader calls a song on the gig that I may not know or haven't played in a very long time. Instead of trying to remember it as it's going down, or play through it by ear, I can quickly call up the chart and nail it. It's also great for taking requests. Thanks again!
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