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  1. I've heard something about others having a volume around that range and -12db. If I keep the avg around -18 then it sounds too quiet. Is there a mixing trick to increase volumes in a mix of guitars and other instruments to get the vocals to stand out?
  2. I appreciate your thoughts. What do you think of my sound samples I posted above? Do they sound fine or are there any issues you hear? Does the +17dB boost version sound ok? It sounds too harsh compared to the other sound samples I recorded. For condensers, don't they pick up a lot of external noise? I live in a house with another person and they have dogs that bark. I'm concerned a condenser will pick up that bark unless there's a way to block that noise as much as possible around the mic.
  3. I'm wondering if anyone knows how to increase the gain on an sm58 mic while on a low budget? Currently I have an echo audiofire4 interface connected to my computer. To use the sm58, I have to crank the gain knob on the interface above 80% to start to get a decent level. So I'm wondering for one if this is ok and two if buying a cheap preamp like a behringer ultragain mic100 for $40 would help increase the gain on the sm58 without having to increase the gain knob to 80% or above on the audio interface?
  4. I'm selling a genuine used version of Reason 3 music software for $100. It comes with the disks, manual, stickers, and license. The program should install and work fine, though I haven't used it on my desktop since February because my desktop hasn't been working. The disks look in good shape. I live in San Diego, CA, but I can ship the program as well. Please let me know if you have any questions.
  5. Flight of the Bumblebee?! Seriously, if you can't play something because your pinkie isn't developed then the solo/song you're having the problem with is the one you should be working on. Do it enough times and it'll get easier, same goes for the stretches (although I'm not sure what big stretches you're refering too in that song). Simple rule for anything you find hard is learn it slow... by slow I mean at a pace where you can play it in perfect time, then speed it up a bit etc. the thing is I have a hard time playing something slow in the time because I always mess up even at a dead sluggish pace. The problem occurs when there is a challenging pinky section where I may have to stretch my pinky or my pinky just tenses up really bad. Even when I go slow this hurts me! For example, at the moment I have been trying to play the fade to black intro solo and it is a bit challenging during the fast small sweeping part because it involves a pinky stretch.
  6. Try "Flight of the Bumblebee" by Rimsky-Korsakov. I tried that one and I find that way too hard because of the all the stretches. My pinky isn't developed that well. Got any suggestions for pinky development solos? And plus that songs has too many chromatics, but I'm sure it's a great alt-picking exercise.
  7. I am looking for some beginner to intermediate alternate picking solos to practice to improve my technique. Any recommendations? I am hoping for something that encourages strict-alternate picking where the guitarist solos through a scale mode or something, and something that isn't pentatonic!
  8. ok, I bought the Bose companion 2 speakers and they are not that good. They sound too muffled and lack a lot of a wide range of frequencies, even compared to my Boston Acoustics 2.1 pc speakers. They are thicker than my boston's, but overall they aren't that good. Would studio monitors give a thicker and wide sound?
  9. I was just trying to get on the same page as you, I haven't compared them. In general studio monitors are far better, although lack of normal tweeters on Bose might actually induce a pleasant coloration. They're not cheap for what you're getting though. Maybe could burn a CD from the GT-8 signal and play it on your speaks vs. various stores? "I tried gt8 with roland cube 30 and it sounded muffled, compared to using the gt8 with a keyboard amp, which sounded more clear" -- you would need to turn off the speaker cabinet emulator in the GT-8 to make a fair comparison. The GT-8 bookk probably tells you to do that and plug into the amp's effects return, bypassing a lot of the controls. With the Frontman you can't do that so would need to start with clean channel bass=treble=0 mid=10, or use the dirt channel and turn off 2/3 of the stuff on the GT-8 . well even then, I don't really want an amp because I'm in the dorms. There has to be a smaller solution, lol.
  10. I've tried playing guitar through my boston acoustics 2.1 pc speakers and the sound is very thin. I am looking for pc speakers that give a thicker sound. Or would studio monitors do the trick? The reason I'm asking all this is because I live in a dorm and I don't want to buy a practice amp because it takes up space and may color my boss gt8 worse than I think. (ex. I tried gt8 with roland cube 30 and it sounded muffled, compared to using the gt8 with a keyboard amp, which sounded more clear).
  11. would bose companion speakers work well for amp effects pedal? Has anyone ever tried these speakers for this purpose? How thick was the sound, especially for rock and metal patches?
  12. Hey guys!! I'm kind of new to the keyboard world so please be patient. My gear is an Axiom 49 and Reason 3.0 software. I have played around with all the different sounds and instruments on Reason and a lot of them have an annoying delay (like the sound will start out low and then get louder). Also a lot of the vocal choirs sound cheesy. I was wondering if you guys could recommend some software that can sound like the keyboards on an Emperor or Cradle of Filth cd (yes I know they aren't true black metal). Even the keyboards on Jason Becker's Altitudes sounds nice. I just don't think Reason is the program I'm looking for. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. I think your setup will work fine. I just think you need to learn how to use Reason and the different modules within it. Like someone else said, the noise you hear is probably the attack time in the envelope section of the sound module you use. For example, if you selected a pad patch in the subtractor sound module, they may sound slow because the attack is high. I think you should learn what all the buttons do and then try to edit the patches that come with reason to suit your needs. You can buy sample CD's to use with Reason too. You can buy choir CD's and use those sounds within Reason and it will sound fine. By the way, there is a really good choir sound called "monk choir," in the NN-XT module. I used that patch for one of my metal songs.
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