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  1. get ready to be confused and lol .....yeah. I'm just gonna leave the thread.
  2. I'd like a pic of the OP. I just assume everyone here is a fat balding w/ponytail white man in too small sweatpants and a buffalo wing sauce stained wifebeater
  3. They hate America and want to take away our guns. If blockletters were armed..this could have been prevented
  4. Why do people insist on differentiating between blockletters and other models?
  5. Can you do it yourself? I say its worth it if that's the case but if you have to pay a tech... maybe not. Why do you say that? What improvement did it make to your XXX
  6. I'm well aware the change is minor, but if it helps and it's 40 bucks then why not? I'm just wondering if it's so minor that it's not really even worth it
  7. What do you guys think? I'm loving the sound of my amp currently..but I'm wondering if a choke will tighten up the low end. It's not something I seriously need but I figure a choke is 40 bucks..what harm could it do? Anyone added a choke to their amps? I'd love to hear what you think, especially if it was an Ultra series from Peavey
  8. Since some guys are still getting JSXs and XXX IIs, I figured this was worth a bump. And for those with JSX/XXX amps..I'd be interested in knowing your settings. Right now I keep everything below 5 and the amp sounds huge. I also dropped the bass to 3 and turned on the fat switch and it's killer. After years of setting things at around 7 I'm forcing myself to dial with my ears and not my eyes while trying out different things. I've had this amp for years and I'm still learning stuff about it
  9. DTX (FJA Modded JSX) JSX XXX Fender Frontman 25w Yeah..I just stopped after the JSX when I got it modded
  10. If I wasn't so satisfied with my current tubes I'd try these. I've really been wanting to test those and the new JJ 6550s out
  11. From what I understand the Penta didn't go over well with people. It had a couple sounds..but the XXX mode was horrid trash. Modded it fares a lot better as FJA and others have proven. If you get it, try it out..then mod the phuck out of it.
  12. my amp brings all the boys to the yard and they're like "it's better than yours" damn right it's better than yours I could teach you but I'd have to charge /thread. I fail to see what that has to do with anything
  13. Not much to tell, I got mine used around seven years ago at the list sale at GC on Halstead in Chicago $329...I can't bring myself to get rid of it, everytime I plug it in I say to myself, no {censored}in way am I ever selling this amp...I don't need a 50 watt amp, but it does have a 10 watt mode which sounds great as well...below is the only information I could find online. http://www.gear-vault.com/rocktron-egnater-tol-50-tube-amp/ Wow..that sounds good
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