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  1. A cover of Edgar Winter's Frankenstein recorded LIVE at The Riverside Cafe in Vero Beach, Fl on Saturday Feb 19, 2011: http://soundcloud.com/richard-king/frankenstein Band consists of Electric Violin, Guitar, Bass and Drums. Their version of Black Magic Woman from the same evening: http://soundcloud.com/richard-king/black-magic-woman Enjoy and feel free to comment.
  2. Shipped this AM. Watch for the FedEx truck on Wed.
  3. It appears that the late, great, Cornelius Bumpus has succeeded in selling my friend's Firebox.
  4. I'm selling this for a friend who says that he bought it some time ago and never uses it. Knowing him, I suspect he hasn't a clue as to what it's for and has never used it. Anyway, $180 shipped to lower 48 PayPal. Comes with everything in the pictures..
  5. Wooden Ships, a CSN&Y cover. This was recorded live on the back deck at Waldo's restaurant in Vero Beach, Fl. 50' to the right was the restaurant, 50' to the left was the Atlantic Ocean. The band, Voodoo, consists of two guitars, bass, drums and a "sit in" third guitar player. It was recorded using a total of 15 inputs through a Presonus Firestudio and a Presonus Digimax FS. Recorded and mixed in Reaper. No overdubs were harmed (or used) in the recording process. http://soundcloud.com/richard-king/wooden-ships More from that night and some other nights going back to 1976 can be found here: http://soundcloud.com/richard-king A video of the band that night (with a different singer):
  6. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm still broke. I guess I'll have to win the lottery, but I never buy tickets so that plan is out the window. Bump
  7. An "Everyone must be more broke than I am" bump
  8. It's an "Everyone must be as broke as I am" bump.
  9. I am looking to sell one of my 3 Firestudio 26x26's. In great condition with current firmware (as of two days ago). Has your normal racking marks. $375 shipped/insured to lower 48 states. Paypal or other arrangements. It's in the box with the manual. I have the out of date software that came with it around here somewhere if it is needed. Current software is available on the Presonus site. http://www.presonus.com/products/Detail.aspx?ProductId=5 More pix here (it's the top one): Images deleted.
  10. I think it's like riding a bicycle. Once you learn you don't forget. You could probably still land.
  11. Is that the single engine Cessna with the high wing? I jumped out of that plane several times - many moons ago. We parachuted into a cow pasture that had electric fences running through it. This made it extra fun. One of several Cessna's with high wings. That's sort of their style. They are popular with people who jump out of perfectly good airplanes. I even did it once, but not out of a Cessna (I don't think). You've got a PM.
  12. I haven't flown in years, but really used to enjoy taking customers and friends up for short rides. I learned to fly after selling a large corporate av system (about $500,000 worth) in 1982. In doing my research I found that I could rent a plane and an instructor for the day for a cheaper cost than flying to the job (in Wausau, Ws) in a commercial aircraft. I learned flying back and forth from Minneapolis to Wausau. Once I felt comfortable I started taking friends and the occasional customer for rides. It was good fun for all. I took Nick St. Nicholas up once and he was like a kid in a candy store. He had flown in private jets before when he was bass player with Steppenwolf, but never in a little 2-4 seater. Nick worked at the same pro audio shop as me for a short while. We went up in a Cessna 172 which, along with a Grumann Tiger, was my normal rental plane. The last time I flew was probably about 1993 or so.
  13. This just proves my theory that the talent that hangs out here is really unbeatable. Great shots there Ken. Congrats on the honor(s). (What am I doing up at 3:15 AM)?
  14. Keep an eye on Craigslist. I found (and bought) an 8U Gator in good shape, for $70 a while back.
  15. There are a couple of programs that I use for deleting pops and clicks from records. One that is fairly automatic is called "Click Repair" (clever name) and can be found here: http://www.clickrepair.net/ The other is called Goldwave. Goldwave has a click fix portion in the program and also allows redrawing the waveform. Goldwave can be found here: http://www.goldwave.com/ I use Click Repair first and if anything still needs looking at I'll go to Goldwave and do some redrawing.
  16. A friend is looking at one that he can pick up for $1500. I have no details on the guitar other than he has looked at it and says it appears in good condition (he would know). Is this a good buy assuming there is nothing wrong with the guitar. I have no details such as year produced or any such thing.
  17. Was it made in a green factory and is the guitar green? Got to be politically correct you know.
  18. I imagine that Siemens makes something that they could trade for a guitar or two. A wind generator maybe. http://www.usa.siemens.com/entry/en/index.htm?stc=92
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