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  1. Ughh, HC you are a draaaaaaaaaag...
  2. Have a Squier-sized pickguard loaded with Seymour Duncans and full push-pull wiring. It's HSS and standard spacing throughout. My posting: http://www.harmonycentral.com/forum/forum/ForSale/acapella-91/31089516-
  3. Loaded strat guard! Squier sized! This means 11 hole and arranged for import or squier strats! Non-trembucker spacing, just standard for the bridge. Guard is nearly mint, comes loaded with: - Seymour Duncan JB8 (alnico 8 magnet loaded, superglued in place to not squeal under gain!), zebra bridge - MIA Alnico V rod RVWP middle, slightly sharper output than the rest (more usefull, imo) - Seymour Duncan Antiquity Neck...the crown jewel of the stratocaster sound! Warm, buttery, touch sensitive and smooth; 3D Tried to wire it up Suhr Style with a push/pull in the volume pot, other singles see 250k for the volume when engaged. Sounds about the same to me though. Vintage braided wiring, everything is extremely solid and quality. Solder joints are solid and secure. I'd put my own skills up against most american guards, honestly. 5-way switch is MIM made, but feels very high quality and doesn't "stick" in between positions at all. Sounds relatively quiet when plugged in, didn't fully load it into a guitar but managed to flip through positions and everything works as suspected. First $140 takes it. It's about what I paid for all of the components, but I need to move this guard for other projects coming. I'm sure you've seen my other post by now (lol), still looking for a set of P-Rails, trem spaced! Pics:
  4. Title says it all! Bridge position, black, trem spaced. A bit dusty at the time of photo taking so it makes it look like there's scratches all over, but there really aren't. Plus my camera sucks in low light. In great condition otherwise. Asking $130 shipped (lower 48, all others contact me for special rates). Only other trade I'm looking for at the moment are a set of P-Rails, trem spaced. Black if possible.
  5. Got these in a trade from a local builder, wanted to save them for a build but have to parts with them for some other gear or cash to fix my broken tube receiver(s)! There are some minor gripes about the necks: The headstocks aren't quite perfect, there are small, wonky cuts here and there that aren't straight. There are some small knots on the back of the neck that were filled. Not the smoothest sanding everywhere and no finish whatsoever on them. The good (great) is that the frets are brand new, huge and leveled/squared to almost an ocd level of precision. The builder really took his time with the fretwork on these necks. The tolerances are a proper 2' 3/16" for the neck pocket, 1 11/16 nut width (flat, none installed), and a super comfortable 12" radius all-around. Neck profiles are a flat-ish D, a bit on the slim side but stays full on the edges. Almost Music Man-like to me. Holes in the headstock are alligned, no pre-drilled holes in neck pocket though. If you don't care about minor cosmetic details, these necks are ready to be installed. If not, there's really not much to sweat over that could take an hour to correct. Either way expect them to play brilliantly compared to your Squier or MIM (or even MIA!). The 24-fret neck can be easily converted to a 22-fret if desired. Trade-wise I'm looking for: - P-Rails pickups! - Duncan 59' bridge, black - Decent tuner pedal - ??? On their own I'll let them go for $50 each. Hit me up and we'll talk! Pics:
  6. Got this off of ebay, beautiful and as genuine as it looks (oldschool bakelite, friggn' sweet). Didn't quite look as good as I wanted it on my seafoam/rosewood combo. Would recommend on warmer colors and maple board. Asking $30 shipped or trade for...hmmm, 20" planet waves/monster/any gold plated instrument cable with right angle (or both ends), aged white 3ply pickguard, or used Boss DS1 for modage.
  7. Looking to trade some gear for that crappy DS1 you have sitting around!! Have some ebay strat pickups (y'know, the kind that you were always curious in but passed by anyways - these however are the real deal). Called "Walt Owen" pickups. They sing pretty good for the price and are about on par with MIA pickups, IMO. Medium/low output, alnico V rods. 6.2k - 6k - 5.9k output. Or bone stock Vox V847 Wah. Great condition all around, dips a wee' bit when not in use, could use some tightening. Seriously any of these items are worth much more than a DS1, but they do me no good sitting around when there's a perfectly good DS1 out there that I could be using/moding/frankensteining!!!
  8. Hello, I have a set of some "Walt Owen" 60's-style scatterwound pickup set for sale or trade. These are available on Ebay under the seller 'waltowen' (link here:http://myworld.ebay.com/waltowen/). Feedback is 100\% so you know that these cheap pickups are the real deal. Temporarily tried these out in my strat build and the result was very surprising. Very "airy" quality with a sting to the upper midrange and yet clear throughout. No pickup in my opinion is arguably better sounding than the next, but these are more fun than a standard MIM set and probably on par quality-wise with an MIA pickup set. I expected GFS-level sound and I honestly believe that these are better; they're wrapped with electrical tape which is at least more than most pickups can say. A few flaws here and there but nothing critical (see pics). The issue that I have is purely cosmetic in that I tried to replace the covers and I could not - these are physically smaller than the average american/imperial sized strat pickups and I supsect you will need metric-sized covers if you want the aged look (which I do). I admitely tried to age the covers in a pot of coffe (worked with my other pickup covers), but these did not yield at all. :-/ But if you don't care about the parchment/white look, then these certainly will not dissapoint for the price. I am letting these go for $35 shipped. I'll include the Panasonic .022uf caps that came with the order at the time. Never tried them out though I jear they have a cult-following for their uniqueness (I personally prefer a .033 or .047). No real trades at this time, at least not for the price (not really interested in trades + cash either, those are always a headache in trying to bargain). Some general idea of output/flavor: Neck: 5.92 Middle: 6.03 Bridge: 6.22 I tried to get some close-ups in order to guage the level of quality for this price. Not bad:
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