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  1. I hear ya. I actually played a bunch of Suhrs and they didn't feel as solid as this Strat. I agree the age on the wood and magnets will have an effect too. To be fair, it's as close as I'll ever get to owning an original! But yeah, having tried loads of CS Fenders, I'd never hesitate owning another My strat is a refin, but otherwise all original fwiw. I had it all checked out before I bought it by a guy that pretty much only works on vintage fenders/gibsons etc. It all checked out and I got it for a very good price back in '96 and it's worth a crapload now, but I still gig it regularly; I'm firmly in the old guitars are meant to be played, not sit in display cases set. My tele and 335 are both CS reissues and they're as close I can get for the forseeable future to the real thing too and they're great guitars and got them used for good prices but... I have played an original block '63 335 and it was ridiculously good :cry: Still, I'm not complaining, my tele and 335 are fantastic guitars in their own right.
  2. Technically, no its not. I should have worded it differently. Or maybe used ol' instead. However, having said that, it's as near as makes no difference... It's all period correct etc, and if you removed the Custom Shop logo on the headstock, you'd be hard pushed to tell it wasn't 54 years old. I think fender CS stuff is generally 100% as good as anything out there as far as new guitars, and I would (and have) taken them over brands like Suhr, etc. I've got a CS '63 closet classic tele that is relicing nicely from use and it's a great guitar. But IMO they aren't the "same" as the real old ones which I've played a ton of. An Original 52 tele, '54, '59 and '61 strat stand out as the best of the old ones I've played, as well as my '63 too. I do think all things being equal that a good CS fender today WILL probably sound every bit as good as the old ones 50+ years from now, but do think the age is a big part of the equation. Old wood and old magnets in the pickups etc. just have a different sound to them. Lots of guys trash relics about the pre-worn thing, but I've played enough great-sounding ones at this point that I don't care about that stuff. Still wouldn't go as far as saying they're the same is all. Old pic of my CS tele:
  3. Thanks, It's a Custom Shop special order '57 Heavy Relic. I've had it a few months now and I am digging the absolute {censored} out of it! The neck wear is absolutely gorgeous. The back has no lacquer and is a V at the nut, moving gradually towards a flatter C at the heel. It's one of the most alive guitars I have ever played. The whole body resonates with an almost acoustic-like quality. It's a nice weight too, fairly light, but it sounds very fat. I played nearly all the CS Strats I could when i decided on this one. I tried out the Ybarra pickups, Bareknuckle's some other custom wound ones that I can't remember the name of, and funnily enough I settled on the Custom Shop Fender fat 50's as sounding the best. They had the most character and vibe. A nice open top end with good lows and good in the mids too. It's half the reason I went for this one really. It does get a bit noisy at higher gain settings, but it's a beat up old Strat, so it's allowed I cannot say enough good things about it. I enjoy just looking at it to be fair.. I have been playing it literally all day today. Anyway, i am gushing now.. Good looking relic for sure But it's not an old strat
  4. these threads are always so funny. wouldnt trying both options in real life take less time and provide a better answer than coming online and asking people who really cant hear your rig? in the end if you like it one way but we all say do it the other way would you really do it if you thought it sounded worse?? +1 I kind of feel the same way with "post your settings" threads, it's completely irrelevant in the end IMO. That said, my g system is set up so I can only do the MOD section in the loop, which is fine for most things. But, some classic phaser/univibe/other mod sounds etc. are only possible with it in front of the amp IMO. Which means I may have to get some more pedals eventually So... yeah try out both and see which you like better
  5. So... what is the consensus? Mako or Diezel?
  6. Please don't yell at me, I have syphilis. That's swell.
  7. He's doing a Fish into the XTC power amp. I'd have quoted him if I was talking about that - I mean it would sound very similar to a Fish into VHT power amp.
  8. I think running the XTC's preamp through a VHT poweramp would sound pretty similar
  9. Yes, when I get home from work this afternoon, I will go through and delete all my posts of that nature. I think that's a smart move man. Joining the airforce right now seems kind of out there to me especially when she has kids, so I don't think its a stretch to think she'd scour the internet for dirt on you, honestly. Glad to hear her plans are dead in the water for now though
  10. Something else you'll want to do: stop speaking publicly (read: posting on the HCAF) about your sexual conquests. If the divorce is gonna get ugly like you anticipate, rest assured that anything you say can and will be used against you. Big +1
  11. you're just bitter because the all blacks lost to FRANCE Keep in mind that if he's Australian, he's likely not an all blacks fan as they're from New Zealand noob. And sorry to hear about the situation with your wife, Tube. She sounds incredibly selfish and while we only hear you side of things, doesn't sound like she's capable of being much of a parent to your kids.
  12. I know it's ugly as sin. Ugh... you can say that again!!! But seriously, charging extra for a headshell? Does he think that *none* of his customers will ever gig with the thing? Like You're supposed to throw that in your car? Still, I'd definitey check it out if I saw one.
  13. Just ignore the haters I read so many opinions of amps from people on here saying things like "I can't get tight palm mutes with this amp", or "doesn't have enough gain for metal" and I instantly have to wonder what sort of player we're actually listening to opinions from? There are lots of guys trying out amps I've seeen in stores that couldn't play very well at all. Do I think those same guys might pull the internet expert routine without disclosing that very important fact? YES.
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