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  1. Good to see this thread come back years later. I regret the way my post was first worded. All respect to Peter for his amps. I highly enjoy the flaming that went on though. Fighting about stupid {censored} is always fun. In retrospect, every amp talked about in this thread is top-notch and as Peter said its all in the ears of that player to which the sound makes him happy with an amp. I still love my recto, perhaps now more than ever. Four years of tweaking will do that to you.
  2. Wow this thread blew up overnight. I think a few of my first comments were worded the wrong way. I like the herbert. I really do, it sounds better than my recto, i was just upset that it wasn't a whole new level above my recto and that's my fault because I hyped the thing up in my head. In response to some of your concerns, i did play the thing pretty damn loud at GC in one of their "loud rooms" and that is definitley where the amps shines and I spent a good 20-30 minutes with it tweaking with the mid-cut and eq. On a side note, I got really pissed when I first looked at the EQ, the gain was cranked on channel three and mids were at 9 o'clock with the mid cut on.
  3. It's funny that overseas mesa rectifiers are just as or more expensive then diezel and they give the same "it's better because it's more expensive" response I see abut diezel
  4. I think if the herbert lived up to a lot of its hype (which is impossible considering the talk it gets around here) I would sell my entire rig to get one.
  5. yeah the einstein is badass. It wasn't my style but I really liked it for what it does.
  6. I went to the North Dallas guitar center on 75 and was able to plug in and jam on a herbert through a diezel speaker loaded 4x12. I have to say i was impressed, but not $4100 impressed. Everyone who talks about them around here is basically right. The amp sounds like a very produced high gain mesa with rectifierish sag but it still plays tighter than my triple rec. The gain on channel 3 was over the top and the mid cut put chanel three into nu metal territory instantly. I still couldn't hear anything that said, this warrants twice the price of a recto. Maybe I didn't hear it in the right space or at the right distance from the cab but I went home, cranked the recto and my gas for the herbert died.
  7. I've been playing off and on for over 10 years. I wanted a triple rec when I was younger because I saw many of my favorite bands playing them. I finally tried one at guitar center and hated it. Come to find out it had three busted power tubes and i was only allowed to play at volume one. This amp needs to be opened up and loud to really growl. I heard a friend play one about six months later and it kicked my ass. I called GC and told them to set it up somewhere where I could crank the mofo. Sure enough the amp came alive when I blasted the entire store. I bought it that day with the matching cab and liked it ever since. When I found out killswich was using maxon overdrives in front of them for their sound I had to try it out. Now I love this amp, and the sound is almost the one I've always wished for in an amp. The recto may not be the mesa for you, you may not be a mesa person but it is an amazing amplifier for what it does and no one can deny that it's shaped the modern sound of rock and metal for the last decade. I have a peavey 6505+ and have owned solid state randalls and line 6 amps before the rec. I've played a marshall jcm 800 (kickass boosted SLAYER!!!), jcm 2000 (not bad), Bogner Uberschall (badass but i'm not thrilled with it's price tag), Framus Cobra (haven't made up my mind on this one yet, and it's increasing in price almost every month)and a rivera knucklehead (fantastic clean, something about it's gain that I couldn't really get into). Out of all those amps I think the triple rec, framus, and bogner are in a league of their own high gain wise along with hughes and kettner, VHT, and diezel. Any of these amps are incredible for high gain stuff. Try to play as many as you can and find the one you like the most. I've got a few more to try but I know the triple rec will always be with me.
  8. I don't believe there is a better noise gate out there for guitar rig applications. My playing and tone have both increased with the addition of this to my rig. I hope that any serious musician who plays with high gain amplifiers seriously picks up either a rack mount or pedal version of the decimator. I used to have a mxr smart gate which worked fine for the price, but still chopped off the sound when the gate was activated. The decimator is worth the money and the people at ISP have the utmost knowledge of musical technology. I know this sounds like a love letter (and it kind of is) but ISP has solved one of the greatest problems plagueing metal guitar.
  9. I've been playing for almost 9 years and this is by far the best amp head i've played. For the price it competes with amps it shouldn't even come close to. I play the head through a Randall full stack consisting of a 4x12 and a 2x12 with a 15 that just kills. i heard the 6505 sheffield speakers are even better so i have to go try that {censored} out. I don;t need a clean channel, all i need is pure heaviness and this amp is perfect for that. I love the way it looks with its grill and faded peavey logo (It's not white like it is in the pictures, it's a dark silver). If it were stolen i would either buy another or work my ass off to go buy an Uberschall because those things are evil. I looked at Marshall JCM 2000 and the {censored}ty new triple Rectifiers that take years to find a decent sound from. Mesa egineering my ass, my peavey destroys any mesa product any day and for half the price. Just buy the damn thing already if you need an instrument of destruction.
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