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OT: Could use some mojo please


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Hey guys


I've had a rough go of it the last few months.


To make a long story short my dad died ten years ago leaving myself and my mom with lots of bills. Let's just say his side of the family was less than helpful during this time...


So my mom becomes friends with this nice guy who really helps us out a lot in many ways over the years and he has a major heart attack. The doctor predicted he wouldn't be able to walk or commnunicate after a very lengthy operation.


Well after a while in the hospital he got better, he can walk and communicate really well all things considered but he still needs help with everyday things. Since he has no family of his own my mom decided to have him live with us instead of putting him in a nursing home.


I'm currently in grad school and so my schedule is pretty busy as it is, but i figured i would come home for the weekend. I come home and i see right away my mom is really stressed out, turns out it's been really hard on her. Work has been rough for her, and on her breaks she has to run home to make sure he's taking his medicine and that he has food. Basically she's working 24 hours a day. We got into a pretty big argument about some of the side issues, basically i get stressed whenever i see that she's stressed which leads to a very short fuse and inevitably leads to some sort of argument about something stupid.


I guess i just wish she wasn't in such a bad position, she had to take care of my dad when he got sick for a while (which was really rough) and i kinda feel like she's going through the same thing here. I also feel really helpless because i can't really do anything because i'm going to school five hours away.

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