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NAD: Peavey Supreme XL


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Picked up this Peavey Supreme XL this weekend. Got it for $200 with a footswitch that is probably like $50 give or take new. Has a couple nicks and 1 small pencil tip sized tear on the top of the tolex. Other wise it is pretty mint and in pretty good working condition. There is a small pop when I turn it off, but when I turn the master volume right down it doesn't do it. Typical solid state noise from what I have learned and experienced in past.



Has 2 1/2 channels. Clean/Rhythm and Lead. The clean channel with all the knobs at 5 with some reverb just give a nice standard clean sound. Turning up the gain gives it what the channel is named for Rhythm. Good solid Led Zep and AC/DC rhythm.


Lead channel you can pretty much do a nice high gain rhythm and leads. Can do pretty much whatever you want. Scooped sound is nice from it. Been missing solid state scooped tone and finally got an amp I can do some nice heavy/chunky stuff with.










Very quick clip I did for a friend who is actually interested in this amp and is going to try one tomorrow. He is into metal/punk mainly. Misfits and ect ect.


Not my style of video. But this is what heavy tone it can get.





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Looks good man! HNAD!
Peavey head/Randall cab, I definitely approve



+1 on that Exile. I have missed solid state since I have pretty much converted to tube when I got my Valveking and then sold it and got my Laney. I'm glad to have a solid state head now. The Supreme XL has trans tube technology and especially on the clean channel with a put of gain and reverb. Defiantly has tube like warmth/feel.



Thank you for the approval on my Peavey/Laney/Randall set up. Buddy a mine said I have a "rigged" up halfstack. But hell.. he only has a line 6 spider III and yeah.. my set up sounds and works great so lol.


Thanks eh


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