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n00b Question: Which MIJ guitars will increase in value?


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Most of the on a long enough time frame.


About 4 years ago, I bought a 1983 JV Series MIJ Squier at Guitar Center for $160. Now eBay sellers are asking $500 and $600 for them.


The MIJ Fender, Squier, Epiphone, Jackson, Ibanez, etc... they are all going up in value and are usually great guitars to boot. For the most part, when I see a MIJ Fender for $200 or less, I buy it and when I see a MIK Squier for $150 or less, I buy it but it's getting rare to see them at those prices these days.

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It's really hard to say. It's like trying to predict which fenders and gibsons will appreciate. And assuming they do is dangerous as well. There are SO many gibsons and fenders floating around these days the idea they are an investment is kind of laughable. Considering that the major "collectors" of these guitars, the baby boomers, are going to be dying soon I doubt these modern ones will really go up at any significant rate.


As for the japanese..the market is pretty high already for the glory year tokais grecos and burnys. Which was 79 to 82. Most have peaked in my opinion and probably aren't the best deals anymore. Although sometimes occasional deals still show up...but they are getting rarer and rarer to find ordering on line (as I do) and even in japan itself (Zenbu should be able to verify this).


So what's left? Personally I think if you try to buy guitars because of the value you might think they will achieve, then you're just gambling. What I do is look for the new japanese guitars that are built with INSANE quality, great woods, thin finishes, great pickups, and buy them cheaper on the used market. Some times real cheap.


So for example this van zandt




This is a guitar that would sell for about 3000 dollars brand new in japan. It's a guitar that I can pretty much guarantee you that if you bought you'd probably never look at another fender again. It most certainly would only make you consider a Master Built fender and nothing less. Now this guitar will probably finish up at about 120 000 yen + or - a bit. Even with rinkya fees and duty you'd get this guitar to your door in america for around half of it's new price.


If westerners wise up to these guitars like they have the early 80's ones, you could make some good money on them. This guy already sells them for over 2 grand a pop..and he's been doing it a while so he's obviously finding some buyers.




If westerners don't...well then you've got yourself a lifetime keeper of a strat.


I don't buy to sell, and I have 7 guitars I'm happy with...all from japan...but if an insane deal came my way for something along the lines of what I already have I wouldn't pass it up.

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Stuff like the 70s/80s Ibanezes and some of the current high end

Prestige/Team J. Craft or J. Custom stuff possibly.


Or anything with vines on the neck.


My #1 is a MIJ Heartfield EX-2 which was built by Fujigen.




Some of the classic designs are still pretty amazing.








If you want to make your eyes pop out check out some of the guitars over

at ibanezcollectors.com and you'll see some real nice examples.

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