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  1. Super cheap. All woods are locally sourced (in the Philippines). Also, we don't have to worry about shipping when ordering internationally.
  2. This is actually a prototype guitar with ribrest. Hope everything will go accordingly.
  3. It is currently in the process of creation. Gmelina wood is also a sustainable since it is from a fast-growing tree. There are only a few samples for it's tonal characteristics in the internet but I will post a video of it's sound after the guitar is finished. Thank you for your interest.
  4. Keep writing comments, clicking the like button and I will keep on posting. Thanks!
  5. Coconut Rosette Gmelina Soundboard video-1579006195.mp4 video-1579007939.mp4 video-1579674017.mp4 video-1579761025.mp4 video-1579761195.mp4 video-1579685993.mp4
  6. What can you tell about comparing the quality/workmanship of guitars made from these countries, from your experience: Thanks
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