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What pickups are in a '78 Fender Tele Custom Deluxe


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It has these HumBuck looking Fender logo things but definately do not have HB balls. I know it is sacreligious but i might just switch them for real Buckers. Of course keep originals.


I tried a 90's LP standard and it played like and handful of dripping {censored}...right throught the fingers. 90s Gibby stuff stunk and still stinks today.


I might put HBs in my '78 Fender tele Custom Deluxe. It has an F-Hole and a Bigsby. It is a twang machine.


Or I might trade a '64 SG Jr for a 1978 LP Deluxe (or Pro Deluxe) with 2 P90s.



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