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Finally got my '52 AVRI Tele!!


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I had a local store order this for me almost 2 months ago. It finally came in 3-31-10.


I love it! The tone is incredible! It has that really pristine high end for that airy sound.


My favorite is the middle position..... which I can get by carefully placing the toggle just between bridge and middle position. Cause, of course, it has the "vintage" wiring scheme (dark neck, regular neck, bridge).


I will update the wiring soon. I'm too busy playing this thing! And the wiring diagram looks really confusing to me. So if anyone has any pointers on updating the wiring....... help me out. :)


The playability is ok. It has the 7in radius and vintage small frets. So bending is a little tough. But it can be done! It's totally worth it though for this beautiful guitar with the INCREDIBLE Tele tone.


I can't say enough how much I LOVE this guitar!!! :love:







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Gorgeous and Classic! Congratulations!

Can we expect one of your very cool video demos soon?

Oh yeah! I can't wait to put one up. I'm gonna plug it into my Ibanez TS-808 into my Peavey Classic 50 4x10.

I'm pretty sure it's gonna sound good. :thu:

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