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  1. be sure that the power supply input is connected to the power supply input socket and not to the output where a daisy chain should power other pedals... had this once or twice when recableling my pedal board *facepalm* Ha ha, yeah i checked that, an I have done that before too Thanks for your time time guys, and the responses. Much appreciated
  2. Howdy! I got a pitch black, i bought it used about 6 -7 months ago, has worked perfectly from then, ....... until now I use the 9v power supply. Basically i plug it in activate the tuner, it lights up and works for a few seconds then does not respond to anything. Cables have been checked and are fine. Any ideas? If it's dead there's not much i can do, other than buy a new tuner.
  3. Here we go........... Disclaimer: Not Spam! Honest!!!!
  4. Apologies for bumping this old thread. Still trying to figure this one out. Any Jackson experts in the house? I'm leaning towards it being a 2000 MIJ DR3. Looking through the old catalogs it seems to be the year 2000 the 'satin chrome' hardware was introduced. What i am now trying to figure out is if it has a mahogany body? Reasons being that my old eyes are struggling to read the txt on the Jackson 2000 pdf scans, for the spec's it say's something about a mahogany body which would tie in with the crazy sustain that you get fro this thing unplugged perhaps?? Also I have pics now (unfortunately iphone pics) ill go get them uploaded here, and y'all can put the kettle on
  5. Thanks JonR, Looks like im not going to get away with my 'cheating' methods anymore, im actually gonna have to learn this stuff properly. Thanks a lot for taking the time to reply, im gonna take my time to look over your response, digest and internalise the info. Cheers!
  6. Hi guys, I hope someone can help me get my head round this. Seems i have always had a skewed view regarding this. Intervals within the natural major and natural minor scale: Basically you got 'Perfect' , 'maj/min', 'dim/aug' intervals yeah? Ive got it that Perfect are 1, 4, 5, 8, as they are the same distance from the tonic wether it's a major or minor scale. 3rd, 6th, 7th, intervals differ in distance depending on wether they are major or minor. Im cool with that. However im confused about the 2nd. It's always the same distance from the tonic wether it's major or minor, so why isn't it a Perfect interval? To me it can't be defined as major or minor as it is the same regardless of the scale it's from. The reason i ask is; im looking at building sus chords. I have always thought the two sus chords sus2 and sus4 are like 5th chords (intervals) there is no 3rd, 6th, or 7th, to determine thier quality (maj/min). So a sus2 or sus4 could work in place of either a Major or minor chord. Where am i going wrong here?
  7. Ok...but before I look them up, since the '90s isn't very reassuring, so you'll have to name 4 or 5 acts that were the previous 'best'. Best band of the 90s for me is jamiroquai without a doubt. At the time they were the best band I had heard since the 80s
  8. I like it, however i never have mine past 9oclock. Anything past that is just overkill if ya ask me. I like that it CAN go into overkill, i just can't find much use for those settings. I suppose if your into surf stuff, or recording ambient stuff, maybe..... That seems to be the way with all EHX stuff though, they are all capable of going to '11' or even '12' (- not o'clock, tufnel ref)
  9. Unfortunately i can't view or post vids from work. but y'all need to check out 'dirty loops' THE best band i've heard prob since the 90's! Swedish 3 piece Funk/Fusion/hip hop/jazz cover band. Unbelievable musicianship and SOUL! edit: oh yeah, there is no guitar in there tho - ot?
  10. Isn't he the guy who did the song Moondance? Nah, that's Van Helsing. Van halen is the guitarist with chickenfoot
  11. P.S. I doubt Spike is having bridge problems on seven guitars!
  12. Thanks Spike! You have just saved me the bother. I have often thought about switching from d'addarios to EBs, bcoz i heard good things about the slinkys. I like my d'addarios, i get the 3packs, good value for me. I dont break strings that often at all, maybe 3 or 4 in a year! Best strings ive used were the Fnder super bullets that came stock on my strat, they felt and sounded great for about 3months!!! I've bought super bullets since then, but they were not as good as the stock ones. Maybe they changed the recipe? How come strings only ever break at Gigs or rehearsals, or when someone else is with you, and never when just noodling at home on your own time?
  13. First and formost, my pops, whose been a musician for 35+ years and still kills it every time I go see them. Then from him I get my other influences: Jonh Lennon/Paul McCartney (songwriting) George Harrison (songwriting and guitar) And through my own accord: John Frusciante (guitar) and Yoshiaki Manabe (guitar) and I'd probably have to say Sawao Yamanaka (songwriting) as well. Fenderman, i hope you don't mind if i steal your post as a template? Just like Fenderman, First and formost, i picked up the guitar because of me old man, whose been a musician for prob about 45+ years. He dont play outside the house anymore, but he's still great at jazz chord melody:thu: Then from him I get my other influences: Stevie Wonder Steely Dan Beachboys And through my own accord: Extreme - Nuno Bettencourt Jamiroquai Average White Band Actually.........I better not get into this..........
  14. I dont think he is overrated at all, but i also think he is not the best guitarist in Aerosmith
  15. Im sure the Beatles used Vox ac30s no? Feel free to correct me
  16. Buy: Trex Gristle King Boss Sl20 Slicer Pitch Black Tuner Sell: Digitech XP100 Whammy/Wah Ibanez FL9 Flanger Artec Big Dot
  17. My Stepdad, just gave me his Jackson DR3 to sell for him.(its ok, im not trying to sell it here) But i am having a little trouble dating it, and would love some sort of appraisal? Idk much about Jacksons Here's the spec, MADE IN JAPAN Body : Poplar with Flame Maple Top Neck : Rock Maple Bolt on rosewood (Reverse headstock and rvs sharkfin inlays) Frets : 24 Jumbo Bridge : Double locking Jackson floating Trem (Licensed under floyd rose) Pick ups : Duncan Designed 103B and 103N (2 humbuckers) with no mount casing Controls : 1vol, 1tone, 3 way selector switch Hardware : Its kind of like a GunMetal matt silver type thing? (this is where my dating trouble comes from) Finish : Trans Blue The hardware is throwing me off with the date, i think it could be the 2000 model, but it really could be any year from 96 -2003 i think? Can anyone shed any light? I need batteries for my camera, bu in the meantime here is a pic of practically the same guitar: This one is green though Looks more like this one: Thanks!
  18. Could you imagine how much of an asshole i would be, if i didnt sign a petition after all my Starcaster {censored}?? FoonkySteve Signs!
  19. Well How did this thread manage to pass me by, without me mentioning the good old petition for the Starcaster re-issue?? Have i mentioned it before?? Well here's the link: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/fender70sstarcaster/
  20. Hey Jimi, nice shirt. You seen Robocop 2? Oh yeah, and congrats on the 'new' album!
  21. Hello there! (Holy smokes batman, this post has turned out to be a lot longer than anticipated!) I am looking for advice as to where the best place would be on the HC boards to post a petition regarding the re-issue of the original 70s Fender Starcaster Guitar?? I am aware I could post this on the fender.com/fender.co.uk forums, but I would rather not limit this petition to Fender enthusiasts only, as this particular guitar is not your typical fender. This guitar would appeal to Gibson/Gretsch/Fender/Ibanez/Schecter etc... Enthusiasts alike. I have been researching these guitars for over 2 months now, and I feel I have found enough information to merit a re-issue in my humble opinion. Okay, so basically, it has came to this, as I want one of these guitars sooooooooo bad! Now if I want one right now, I can just pop over to eBay, and get the exact model I am after for
  22. Thanks again, guys! Im looking at the Gristle King, Moller, Full Drive, GT500, Xotic AC+ Thanks Gambit for the link! Im gonna keep my eye on that one, 7 bids and 2 days to go! Thankyou guys, Sarumawashi and dissentience for the advice too! Your all a great help! Oh no! i have a new compulsion setting in! Im now a Harmony Central Poster! MAKE IT STOP! PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!
  23. Gristle King Looks like the daddy! Thanks ClaytonJohn18!! FoonkySteve
  24. WOW! That was really quick! Thanks guys! I had a fulltone OCD on loan, i liked it through the laney, but never had it through the orange rig. Is the GT-500 a multi effects? Boss? I dont know why, but ive never been too keen on the digital FX + there is the size factor for going on the board. Im gonna check out the barber DD now and the Full drive again, so can you vouch these are good with single coils? Thanks again guys! Man guitarists are amazing human beings! FoonkySteve
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