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Need band name ideas please


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My band The Roswell Conspiracy Band is too big and too expensive for most local dives so the guitar, female vocalist and I picked up a drummer and started a smaller 4 piece.


We are ready to book but still are struggling with names.


Our working title is Ros-lite


I'd like to keep it in the alien - Roswell- Area 51 vein...


Area 51 is already a local band so that's out.


Any ideas out there?


So far we have:

Mutara Nebula (Star Trek geeks will know this name)

The Abducted

Anal Probe (my Idea but soundly rejected)


Ideas Please

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Clash of the Galaxies

Life Without Gravity

Flight Critical

Area 52

Galileo's Daughter

Exploring Phase Space


Lightspeed Flyby

The Flaw Is Human

Rejected Plutos

Pluto's Revenge

Pluto Is Just Really Pissed Off

The Oort Crowd

Not The Object Predicted

The Comet No One Saw

Old Martian Questions

Cosmic Discord

Space Meat

The Exoplanets

Impact Factors

Restless Swarms of Stars

Shocks of the Future

From Space


An Ill Solar Wind

Van Allen Belt Buckle

Saturn's Retrograde Renegade

Invasion Pathways



Naw, those are all crap, The Tinfoil Hats :thu:

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