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Hits with Bass solo's


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Can anyone think of Bass solos in songs that were genuine hit songs in their day, nothing to obscure and actual solo's not just great hooks. These are the songs I came up with.......


Lionel Richie - "Dancing on the ceiling"


Sade - "Smooth Operator"


The who - "My Generation The Who"


Paul Simon - "You can call me Al"


Guns & Roses - "Sweet child of mine" (Intro)


Cameo - "Word Up"


Paul Young - "Wherever I lay my hat"

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"Stomp" by Brothers Johnson




also (besides all those mentioned)

Time Will Reveal - DeBarge

Got The Time? - Anthraxx

Slip Sliding -Simon and Garfunkel (melodic soloing under verses)

Godzilla- Blue Oyster Cult

Still - Rufio (intro)

Living In America - James Brown (slight slap solo in third verse)


theres quite a bit more...............

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