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POWERFUL tube amps


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435 tube watts, 980 watts peak. It was a monster in every sense of the word.


980 was the power consumption :)


Rich Koerner says it was capable of 560 watts at 5% THD but that would have been when using General Electric 6550A tubes, which are no longer in production, and impossible to find now.



I can think of a few others, but some are 200 watt amps. I guess they may not qualify strictly on power, but they used to be paired with efficient speakers so the volume would still be high.


Fender 300 PS: the slightly more sane replacement for the 400 PS with all the power directed through a single output transformer secondary, instead of three.



Matchless Thunderchief

Laney Supergroup 200

Marshall Major 200

Orange Matamp 200

Orange AD200B

Sunn Model T

Selmer Chieftain 200(yeah, see if you ever come across one of these 8x EL34 beasts in your lifetime)


WeberVST has a 300 watt tube bass amp kit in the pipeline, and it's going to be unique in that the phase inverter will be an interstage transformer, not a tube. Not many amps I know of have this type of design because it adds weight and cost, although the 400 PS had a radical variant of this(tube driving a tube driving a transformer).

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I've been looking forward to trying one some day, hoping it would sound nice.


It was sweet at low volume, not so at high volume. It was a big charity all-dayer and the amp had to be pretty loud as there was no PA support. . . The cab was an old 4x12 which could have been flapping a bit. Try one yourself it might suit your situation, perhaps it needed miking-up?

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