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Bands who still blow you away...


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The artist who shall always be named Prince!

for sure! He continues to put out great stuff!

how about Roy Orbison...I was watching a you tube bit on the making of the 1st Wilbury's album...his voice is just always amazing...

Fugazi would be up there...and The Minutemen Watt=:)


Dead and Zappa

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Oh and Prince is one of the most shockingly talented musicians on earth. I have nothing but endless, eternal respect for the guy. And he can play one mean guitar...



Big +1 on Prince. Also Maceo Parker, Jeff Beck, and Richard Thompson. Seen them numerous times and each was better than the last.

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Actually, one of the best live shows I ever saw was Boston.

Freaking incredible live. Saw them at the Texas Jam for their first live show in 8 years or something like that when they released Third Stage.

They were so damn polished live it was sick. Not my favorite band by any means, but probably the best live show musically I have seen.

Queen is also outstanding live

So are:

Lamb of God
Allman Brothers
God Forbid
Foo Fighters
Steve Vai (especially with Sheehan and McAlpine)
SRV live is amazing.....

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