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patch cables


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PM Guttermouth and see if his line of FX patch cables are ready to go. He sent me a sample and I thought the cable was put together very well and yet it was very flexible....perfect for an FX board.


The George L's have worked well for me over the years, too.

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Never scrimp on the cables... Too many gigs watching guitards fussing with bad cables has taught me that one valuable lesson... Never scrimp on the cables !!!



They probably didn't take care of their cable very well. You can spend a {censored} load of money...but that doesn't mean it's going to last longer than something that was much cheaper. Any cable can go bad if you step all over it and turn it into a knot.


With that said...I use George L's as well. Easy to make, reliable when made right, relatively low profile connectors so you can get things pretty close together if you're working with a small board.

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