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shuker basses


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How noisy is that pup? Silent? Hum like a single coil?

I like the jazz at the top of his page. That sort of turquoise color. Sweet.



if you put the bass near the amp it hums a bit...around 40cm etc

but when you turn away around 3 -4 feet its quiet

i am aware however of the drawbacks of a single coil un-humbucked by another coil

if i have trouble with this in this respect i would dearly like to know if any pup manufacturers do a humbucking single coil...stacked i suppose...in this format

but for the present i am happy with the vintage tone and top end clarity



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I always liked the look of those.



well i have been hankering for one for a while but put off by the difficulty of getting at the truss rod

this one being a custom has twin square carbon fibre rods as far as i can see and so the neck is pretty stiff

also the bridge is a shaller through strung with neat grooved saddles and the neck radius is pretty flat so i can 'see' all the strings easier


it just appeared in a trade night with the buyer of my stingray 5 and i fell in love with it and the room was absolutely filled with GAS

phew what a beautiful smell

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