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  1. I've been playing since May 2002 and currently own another Aria Pro II, that one is an original from the mid to late 80's (post-matsumoku era) and is an SB Elite II. Also, I have another bass which is a parts bass comprising of an SX precision style body and a Mighty Mite fretless neck. If this bass was stolen I'd definitely buy another. This bass can easily sit in with the rock and metal crowd and a lot of others also. The body is very comfortable and balances extremely well, probably the thing I love the most about it. Its very easy to play because of this. My favourite feature of the bass has to be the rotary pot, its great! As I said above, I also have an SB Elite II. The SB-1000CB is a bit darker sounding to the elite, although the Elite II has two pickups and a rosewood fretboard. It's also passive, unlike the 1000CB. The to basses do share a common sound, they have a distinguishable nasally tone to them. Its clear when you listen to both that they're from the same lineage. They compliment each other very well.
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