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Custom Hanewinckel Bass Progress Pics


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Vintage Series 5-String BO

Passive Vol/Blend/Tone controls

Wide Neck (3/4" spacing)

34" Scale

Handwound Dual Coil pickups with Alnico V magnets

Pau Ferro pickup covers

70's J pickup spacing

IN/OUT switch (see diagram and explanation below)

Paua Abalone headstock and fingerboard dot inlays (MOP side dots)

3-piece Maple neck

Pau Ferro fingerboard

Alder Body with Walnut top

Draken body style with full-rounded body edges

Standard chrome hardware

Dunlop Straploks



The IN/OUT switch is interesting IMO. When not engaged, the Blend control will work as expected. When engaged, moving the Blend control toward the neck will favor the outside coils (think J-Bass), and moving the Blend control toward the bridge will favor the inside coils (think MM-ish). All settings are humbucking.




The Walnut top (quartersawn)



The Alder body


The Maple neck and Pau Ferro fingerboard (both quartersawn)


Closeup of the neck and fingerboard woods...




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Looks like a nice set of raw materials.

That's my favorite of the Hanewinckel body shapes-it should be a looker when it's finished.


Thanks, guys. I didn't order any "premium" woods, but I'm extremely pleased with Pete's wood selection. I only ordered the Walnut top because it will be nicer to look at than Alder. Plus, I thought the contrast between the Alder and Walnut would look really cool. :cool:

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I don't think I've seen Pau Ferro matched up with Walnut. I wonder how well those will those go together.



I think they'll look wonderful together, but I'm biased. The two woods look similar, but there will still be a little bit of contrast. I picked Pau Ferro pickup covers over Walnut covers because I figured the Pau Ferro would stand out a little bit more from the Walnut top.

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Can't wait to see more progress pics!


IMO pau ferro and walnut go really well together. The second bass I built had a walnut body with a pau ferro fretboard. There was just a tiny bit of contrast between the two woods, the pau ferro being a little more reddish.


That's awesome that the fretboard and neck are both quartersawn too.

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