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Sorry about the OT post, but I gotta vent!


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So this guy calls me at work tonight, and asks the following. This is a real conversation...... I am not embellishing.



Me: Thanks for calling your Brea Walmart, how can I help you (this is our new method of answering the phones, and corporate is calling to make sure we do it.....how many points would this get in BS Bingo?)


Caller: Yeah, I just ordered a wireless router from Walmart.com, and want to know if I can come pick it up.


Me: You just ordered it?


Caller: yeah...about 5 minutes ago!


Me: You ordered it "site to store"?


Caller: Yeah!


Me: You do know "Site to Store" orders are usually delivered within 7 to 10 working days, right?


Caller: I didn't know that! What if you have the thing in stock?


Me: .Com orders come from a seperate warehouse. They have nothing to do with our in-store stock. When you placed the order, didn't you see the delivery date at the bottom of the page?


Caller: No.


Me: Yes. That's why they put that there, so you know when to expect delivery.


Caller: Well, what if I want to buy it from your store?


Me: Well, you can come down and buy it, but you'll also need to cancel your .com order, or else you'll be paying for it twice.


Caller: You can't just refund it?


Me: I told you, Walmart.com orders are processed from a different facility. If you receive it, and want a refund, we can take it here, but not until you get it. We cannot refund something you haven't got yet.:facepalm:


It wen't on about another 5 minutes, but you get the drift.


Here's another one. Understand, I get this question about 10 times a day:


What is the difference between this DVD and the two- disc special edition?


Jeebus, people....read the f**kin box!! That's why they put words there!!!!:mad:


I had to bite my tongue the other day when a guy asked me what the difference between the Sony Bravia KDL-32S4000 and KDL-32S5000 was. It took every fiber of my being not to say "1000".

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You actually called WalMart Looking for intelligence?

Bad. BAD move.

No. I work at Wal-Mart, and provide lots of intellegence. However, I am constantly amazed at the level of stupidity my customers exhibit. I said it before, and I will say it again: Not all Wal-mart customers are idiots, but the idiots sure do go there.....in great abundance!

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well... walmart should = walmart... but I understand the set up and can see how that might be a frustrating call.


I know a few places that let you check stock at your local store, buy it online and pick it up later @ the store (I've done it a few times).


no offense, but I do all I can to NOT go to walmarts near me... products & service have really gone down hill the last 4 or 5 years.


Oh, and that 'greeting' is pretty standard business phone usage... you'd be surprised how many people can't answer a phone.

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My sister worked at Wal Mart for 6 years & was the front-end manager for 3 of those years... She had to keep herself from knocking some lady out a few times. I feel for you, man... Retail sucks sometimes. I sold computers at Best Buy for 3 months before I couldn't take it anymore.

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I work for an Apple Store that is 1 metro stop away from an international airport (Reagan). We get 10-100 foreigners every day that ask the same set of questions:


Q: Can I buy the iPhone for use in my country?


A: I'm sorry, but no, The iPhone is only available to US citizens. You must sign a 2 year contract with AT&T, and to do that, you need a valid government-issued photo ID and a social security number.


Q: So I will buy it without contract.


A: We can only sell it with a 2 year contract. (No longer true, as of last week, but they still need a US government-issued ID)


Q: But I can't buy contract.


A: Right.


Q: So how can I buy the phone?


A: You're best option is to purchase the iPhone in your home country.


Q: But it is very expensive where I come from.


A: It is very expensive here, too, but AT&T is discounting the iPhone when you purchase it with a 2-year contract.


Q: But I can't purchase the contract.


A: No.


Q: So I can't purchase the phone?


A: No.


This is followed by some long diatribe about how their cousin purchased an iPhone in the United States and brought it home, or how they cannot afford the phone at home, or how this was their last stop on their trip before their flight and they promised little jimmy/zamir/abdullah/claus/etc that they would buy one for him.


A: I'm sorry. Have a safe trip home.

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Working in customer care can be a bitch. I used to work for a company that manufactured home wine kits and occasionally had to answer frustrating phone calls from customers. I wasn't working in customer care per se, but as a buyer of raw materials, but anyhow I answered some of those calls too. Some of the callers were, how shall I put this mildly, a bit 'challenged'.


I use a guideline I had read in a manual during my n.c. officer's training in the army. There was a line in the manual describing how to enact with the wide variety of people who will be your subjects. It read: "All people are idiots". I later revised it to "All people are to be considered idiots until proven innocent".

This means when interacting with a person you don't know at all, don't expect that person to be as smart as you. Always make sure you express yourself as clearly as possible, leaving no room for misinterpretations. People come in all shapes and sizes, and not all of them are as smart as we are. Some are smarter, but the majority isn't.


We soon realised that we had to rewrite the user manuals for the wine kits. They left room for misinterpretations and stupid people got them wrong and then called us in frustration. I used my 'guideline' when rewriting the manuals, using as few words as possible to express the winemaking steps as clearly as possible. I made them 'foolproof'. So that the idiots would understand, and that the smart people wouldn't get the impression we thought they were idiots. Not an easy task, but somehow I did it. There were much fewer calls from angry customers after that. Those few who DID call after that, were lost cases anyway. :facepalm:



Customer care can be a frustrating place to work. But it's easier when you remember you are smarter than most of the people who call, and they need your help. They wouldn't need to call if they were smart in the first place, now would they?

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Dude, what kind of calls are you expecting?

The most you can hope for at Wally-World is that someone got the wrong Dept.



good lord.


I ain't knocking the place, it's the shizzle in a bind and for watching your wallet...


but man, you can't be expecting calls from the likes of goody Mc fruity pants wears L.L. Bean.:poke:

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FWIW, WalMart brand Great Value dishwasher powder is the best available stuff for households with soft water. It cleans very well and doesn't etch glassware (which is in issue with dishwasher soap and soft water).



That's all I got on this.

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