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August 2012 S+D Acts Open Mic


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Challenge yourself! Learn a new song or two and show us what you got.


Choose one (or more) of these ten songs, and record yourself doing a version of it, e-open mic style. There will be a new list of songs each month.



Video/recording must be made specifically for this.

Interpret the song however you want

Can only be solo/duo arrangement

reading lyrics is allowed but extra points if you have this shi memorized.

Midi, BT's, Music Stands, Harmonizers and loopers are all allowed.


Here are the first ten songs. I will be editing these hastily written rules when I get some more time but for now here are some tunes to ponder. If you submit something you can submit a song suggestion for next month's open mic too. Each month we will try and beat out number of video submissions.


1 The Kinks-Lola

2 Hank Williams-Jambalaya

3 Blue Rodeo-Five Days in May

4 Buddy Holly-Everyday

5 A Beatles Song

6 Your own version of "Fly Me To The Moon"

7 James Taylor-Fire and Rain

8 Gloria Gaynor/Cake-I Will Survive

9 Prince-Kiss

10 Foo Fighters-See You

11 A random song from an awesome movie


SUBMISSIONS - Total Count: 10


Potts doing "Everyday"



Me doing "Jambalaya"



Here is MusicalSchizo doing a song from Spinal Tap. Badass



Here is ALJ (new poster, WHATS UP?!) doing The Beatle's "Get Back"



Here is chemikool doing Lola by The Kinks



Here is me and my buddy Fraser messing around with "A Hard Days Night"



And another by us. I've Just Seen a Face



Potts doing Elton John's "Your Song", from the movie Welcome Home ;)



AND We have JimboKeys doing a Beatles tune


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BOOM! That was killer.How many takes did you do? Like the finger picking and the little stutter that you do between some of the chords



LOL..thanks. I did a few because every kid in the neighborhood decided to play at my house while doing this. You can hear them at the end.

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LOL.. I was just screwing around with 5 Days...boy do I love that band!!!!!! Ya know for so many people that play so much, know 1000's of songs and have the greatest gear, you're all a little boring. Grab a guitar and post something! {censored}- just post anything- whether it's on the list or not. Just grab a camera and record it.

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We will each post vids of 5 Days tomorrow.



Mine wont have a harp because I blow (see what I did there?) And you're Canadian so your version will be more authentic. HOWEVER...I live on the border and would like to add that I've seen them at least three times.

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