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Diane and I are getting set to record demo material, both youTube and just audio.

I'm thinking, right now, of including five songs on the CD: one ballad, one blues, one mid-tempo, on uptemp and maybe one dance (or maybe a second of something else). Do CDs even matter anymore?

I'll probably be recording  with two off-camera mics for youTube: one behind the piano, on trained on the singers. I did that with my previous vids and the sound is excellent by youTube standards. Audio-only, not so sure.

One of Di's pals will help us set up the set and we'll both dress up for the vids etc. We're aiming at class here. My previous vids were much more casual.

Finally, my camera isn't really up to recording the video but I don't want to go and buy a new camera. We're thinking of mounting Di's iPad on my camera tripod. They have adaptors for that.


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