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Major label vs indie label

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I know many mainstream musicians who always deny major labels offer even if it's lucrative. Well, I don't know what the terms are but they really feel comfortable with their own indie label and still make the best out of it.

Although we all know a major label have the resources and tools in fostering Music career which will get you heard by a lot of people and increase your reputation but what about starting your own too? Is there much risk or seen as a vanity project?

Perhaps, what's the pros and cons of setting up an individual label when starting a career in Music.


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the internet leveled a lot of teh playing field, but starting your own label is an uphill battle from 'the gitgo'. On the plus side, distribution costs are minimal, but promotional costs can be the killer.

Pro: You have total control                                                           Con: You are responsible for everything

Pro: You can make the music you want                                     Con: You have to find ways to get your music to the people who want it

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