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    Boi_Lyricx is a hip hop/Trap producer, rapper, singer and a songwriter. A mix of contemporary afro sounds mixed in with strong trap and hip hop rhythms. He do so through a melodic,dreamy mix of emotions and morals creating a distinctive sound.


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    Accra, Ghana


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    Music, Cooking, Table tennis


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  1. Nectar 3’s built-in harmonizer can be used to automatically build vocal unisons and harmonies, by creating and layering copies of your vocal track. You can add up to eight voices, snap them into scale, or control your harmonizations using a MIDI controller. The Harmony module is a vocal producer’s dream, giving you the power to create massive layered choirs and backing vocals, or add classic doubling or tripling vocal effects.
  2. Thanks for your insight daddymack ✌️
  3. I know many mainstream musicians who always deny major labels offer even if it's lucrative. Well, I don't know what the terms are but they really feel comfortable with their own indie label and still make the best out of it. Although we all know a major label have the resources and tools in fostering Music career which will get you heard by a lot of people and increase your reputation but what about starting your own too? Is there much risk or seen as a vanity project? Perhaps, what's the pros and cons of setting up an individual label when starting a career in Music.
  4. Hi, I'm interested and will like to know more about Music production.
  5. I recently register as publishing company to release my upcoming album. After clearing all the legal stuffs and necessary registration I'm now thinking of how to administer my publishing company. I had two options which is to hire a Publishing admin company or do all the song registrations on my own. Either I choose songtrust as administrator or use tuneregistry to streamline my registrations. Choosing between the two is not a big deal but maximizing my outcome and gaining all the royalties I deserve is the real deal here. So the question is, does publishing admin company have the power and resources to earn you all royalties including international royalties or you still get the same results if you properly register your songs on your own with the appropriate agencies. And again, these companies take 15% ownership which sucks 😏 after paying them to administer your work.
  6. Hi, it's almost a year that I started to learn how to play keyboard. My teacher taught me how to play notes and form triad chords on the Cmaj scale. I was then left to learn the rest on my own with what I've learned. Although i can play and form chords with techniques I've been learning from people I have access to by 'ears' but I do not fully understand Music theory and I find it difficult to write the abstract progressions and melodies I have in mind which makes me know I'm lacking or don't know something I need to know and understand Cherish your feedback pals 😱 >>>cheers ✌️
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