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Roland D-50 Keyboard problem - Garbled display & no sound after internal battery change

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Hi, I recently started using my wife's old Roland D-50 which had been in storage for a number of years (in a sturdy case). Everything seemed to be working ok (apart from a temperamental data card), but I decided to change the internal battery as I had read it needed doing every 5 years. I opened up the case and loosened the motherboard (per the numerous Youtube videos), replaced the battery with a new-ish CR2032 battery (hadn't been used, but only had a year or so left on the 'use by' panel - I know, maybe I should have gotten a new one!). The old battery had some minor leakage around a part of the side, but it did not seem to have stuck to the contacts. When I powered the keyboard back up the display is garbled (missing a number of characters which are replaced with dashes) and there is no sound at all. Wondering if I have lost the internal patches now. Has anyone else had this kind of problem?

Thanks for any help or advice.


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Sorry you're having issues with your D-50.


Did you back everything up before you swapped the battery? I sure hope so... because if you didn't, you most likely lost all internal programs that you've edited and changed. :(


I'd recommend opening the board back up and cleaning the battery contacts and removing as much of the leakage from the old battery as you possibly can without damaging anything. You might as well drop in a brand new button battery at the same time, but that's probably not the source of your problems - either the battery isn't making good electrical contact, or you (more likely) need to clear the memory, reinitialize the D-50, and then reload the programs.


Here's a link to instructions on how to do that:




Once you reinit the synth, it's not going to have any sounds in it. You'll need to reload them via MIDI sysex. If you didn't back up the synth before you did the battery swap, then you can get a sysex file of the factory patches here:





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Same problem, different synth from the same range

My 30-year D5 had these symptoms after the battery went flat. Plays the ROM music fine, but sounds as if the sounds are underwater.

Anyhow, replaced the battery, shorted out the RED and BROWN wires to fix the warble (worked great!) and serviced the volume slider and many poor contacts with WD40 contact cleaner and I now have a working synth.

My remaining problem is that I can't use SysEx or .MID files to reload the preset sounds for Performance Mode. The sounds in multi-timbral mode are there now and fine.

I've tried using MIDI-OX and Bome SendSX to send the data. I've plugged the Midi-Out of my USB midi interface directly into the Midi-In of the synth.
The midi functions test out fine (in and out). When I put the D5 into One Way Data Load mode, and send the SysEx data (downloaded from Roland site) it just says "Waiting". It never moves to "Loading".

I've tried throttling down the speed to minimum - no change.

On the D5, I've switched off Memory Protect. One thing I don't know how to set is "Midi Exclusive Unit#" - the values go 17 to 32. I've tried every value and still can't get the sounds to load.

I'm missing something basic I'm sure - any pointers folks?

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On 3/11/2020 at 3:09 PM, glennonjd said:

WD40 contact cleaner

I was about to caution you about using WD40 as a contact cleaner, but then I did a Google search, and whaddaya know? They actually DO make a contact cleaner! :0

As far as your Sysex issue, here are a couple of links you may find helpful... that is, if you haven't seen them already... 




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