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  1. Hi, I recently started using my wife's old Roland D-50 which had been in storage for a number of years (in a sturdy case). Everything seemed to be working ok (apart from a temperamental data card), but I decided to change the internal battery as I had read it needed doing every 5 years. I opened up the case and loosened the motherboard (per the numerous Youtube videos), replaced the battery with a new-ish CR2032 battery (hadn't been used, but only had a year or so left on the 'use by' panel - I know, maybe I should have gotten a new one!). The old battery had some minor leakage around a part of the side, but it did not seem to have stuck to the contacts. When I powered the keyboard back up the display is garbled (missing a number of characters which are replaced with dashes) and there is no sound at all. Wondering if I have lost the internal patches now. Has anyone else had this kind of problem? Thanks for any help or advice. John
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