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How to produce a record according to Jack White

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I guess this is of interest, but really it just seems like a giant ball washing job of Jack White (whom I admire as an artist).


A lot of the 'choices' strike me not as inspired, but sophomoric: the Neil Young record is a good example of a very trite approach. It's like it's more important how the press release reads, vs. the actual music.


"To check the mix, Jack White uses the system from his super-car Tesla. Parked outside the Third Man Studio, the mixes are transferred via an FM transmitter, and with a Walkie Talkie he tells the sound engineer what changes to make."


Hello, my name is Jack White, and I work harder than a half-smart art student to seem eccentric, bcos: artist.


And the manufactured conflict with the Black Keys ... is a bit reminiscent of his assault of the guy from the Von Bondies.


D-bag alert, Will Robinson! D-bag alert!

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