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sss political forum madness!


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Re: Politicians are corrupt.


Originally posted by sid viscous

You're a crackpot.




that's a personal attack. and against forum rules.


you have anything informative to add or were you just trolling?


I personally see BushCo as out to make money also. They seem to care nothing for the American people. They seem to care only about power and the almightly dollar.


this is just a random text sample from sss political forum up the road there.


they are really serious about {censored}. should all forums be uptight like this? they certainly seem to be "on topic" over there.

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Originally posted by shepherdspy

I seriously doubt anybody from the effects board reads the "political" board. I know I tried to a couple of times but I could feel myself getting stupider and I just don't have that many brain cells left to lose.

The only place I usually read politics is here:



Oh I do. I used to post there all the time in fact, but each and every thread, regardless of subject always denegrates into he same pissing match. So I visit occasionally, but i stick to here most often.

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