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Recording rehearsel

Nico de Roode

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i have an archos jukebox recorder 20GB.

in the place we rehearse at the moment they have a room mic, its an akg condenser or so, into the mixer.
from the mixer there is a record out direct into the line in of my jukebox.

works great, sound quality is not that good, but you can listen to it and find your mistakes.

biggest issue is setting up the sound, cause this room is for rent, and everybody turns on the mixer, so it is always hard to find the settings from last time which worked well.

we also tried it with other mics direct into the jukebox, with a preamp, was not that good, and the mic placement was an issue to cover all of the band with one mic.

you might get really better quality if you mic everything seperatly, but for our rehearsing the room mic alone is ok

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