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  1. I'm an experienced player. Owned an awful lot of gear, large pedalboards, racks etc. My main amps have been Bogners, but I also owned H&K, Bad Cat, Koch, Marshall, Rivera and others. These days I'm a very satisfied Axe-Fx user, and still a Bogner fan. However, the tone I get from this little Rebel is no compromise at all. Well done, Bruce.
  2. Yek

    Gordius Big Little Giant

    After buying this, you won't GAS for another brand because no other controller can compete featurewise. This really is the top MIDI footcontroller. Not a recognized worldwide brand yet, but it already has gained a satisfied international user base.
  3. The G-Major is a great allround effects device. It'll cover most users' needs, both beginners and power users. The sound quality is good, the build quality seems okay and it has state-of-the-art features. Pity that it doesn't suit parallel setups well.
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