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OT: i got the DIY fever!


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after building a tremolo and a tap tempo pedal, i am now in the process to rehouse my old and unused yamaha va-5 practice amp (it was my first amp ever ...).


this ...




will go into this:




i also ordered a celestion super 8" speaker for the cab. the cab, btw will be screwed to the top, so i can pick up all in one. it will be covered with black fake :D leather and the grill should be a dark red clothes (like the old redbear cab's, early 90s). it should look great. problem: it will sound {censored}ty :rolleyes: 'cause the yamaha is a cheap practice amp. but in a second step i might pack into the head a small tubeamp like the zvex one or maybe one like this http://www.musikding.de/product_info.php?cPath=103&products_id=795


have you done something similar? please show me!

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