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the evolution of my board - or: look what hanging on HCFX did to me....you bastards!

Raskolnikovs axe

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i used to barely us any effects at all - i was mostly just a straight into the amp kinda guy - played in a lot of punk rock bands


then i started drawing on some of my more interesting influences - the beatles, radiohead, the pumpkins, pink floyd, etc - and needed effects. i got into a rack setup that did most of my work for me (mesa Mark III with a GT-Pro)


then i started hanging out here and decided I needed individual pedals. having very little experience with pedals, I decided to buy as many as I could, sell what i didn't like and build my board out of the rest. i got almost all of them used, so i didn't really lose money with this approach.


Here's what I ended up with:




the tubescreamer and sd-1 are both keeley modded. the bad stone is modded to be true-bypass and has a volume control on the side to correct the volume drop. everything's powered by a pedal power 2 under the top tier.


and here's what I tried but didn't keep:

Line 6 verbzilla - cool and diverse, just not as 'real' sounding to me as the grail

Boss PH-2 - too generic and cold compared to the EHX phasers i tried

little big muff - awesome, i'm actually keeping this, it just doesn't suit my band's music so it's not staying on the board

vexter fuzz factory - awesome and fun pedal, just not something i'd use enough to justify the cost

ibanez fl9 - i liked it, but it was too subtle and not versatile enough for me

keeley rat - great pedal, but compared to the keeley ts9 and sd-1 i have it sounded more like a pedal, whereas the other two sound more amp-like. i would like to get another someday though.

keeley ds-1 - much better than the stock, but i guess i just don't like the ds-1 sound

line 6 mm4 - tried the stock and keeley versions - both just didn't seem 'real' to my ears.

guyatone sv2 slow volume - kinda fun but didn't get used enough. i'm just gonna use my volume knob.

ehx frequency analyzer - fun but too big for my board and i rarely use ring mod.

visual sound jekyll & hyde - liked the tubescreamer side of it, although my keeley ts9 is much better. didn't care for the heavy distortion side

danelectro fab tone - waaaay too much gain



so what do you guys think? am I lacking anything super important? i'm thinking about squeezing one more dano mini right above the chicken salad...maybe a tuna melt or a french toast, but i really feel like my needs are met now. i'm trying to fight the urge to just keep adding and adding...

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trem and fuzz are definitely the two things i'd kinda like to have on there. i did some reading and now i want a skreddy mayo



i doubt it needs to be stated, but have you ever used the big muff? vintage or otherwise. I used to use mine as more of a distortion than a fuzz, but now i've had the sustain down a lot more with the tone higher up.

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