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New Pedals Day

Aaron SS

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My initial thought on them


Red witch-quite lush and thick but can also be quite subtle, definitely a tweaker though, have to get the correct settings to get it sounding good.Ill be spending a fair deal more time with this one, i love the led that flashes in time


Tweak fuzz-not a huge fuzz fan but for it does it seems to do well...


SPF Delay-Great, cant say enough good things about this one,great delay sound/quite versatile/warm knob is a great feature, quite analogue sounding for a digital delay


Small stone-great phase sound, simple layout, more or less a no frills phaser pedal.


Guyatone-pretty good pedal for its small size, can get a pretty nice rotary vibe sound of this one.


Jacques chorus-another one i was skeptical about but im pleasantly surprised, on ebay they dont show that these things are actually housed in 1290 type enclosures with the footswitch mounted on top, solid construction and a great chorus sound,again lush and full sounding (what i like in a chorus pedal)



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