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100% Transparent A/B/Y ABY boxes - one guitar into multiple amps


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Hi there

Anybody knows of any good quality 100% transparent (0 sound coloration) ABY boxes? I'm looking at hooking up my guitar to 2 amps. Is there one that does multiple amps?




The low noise buffer circuit which provides impedance matching and eliminates passive instrument input, is a major factor with these, as NOT all buffer circuits are created equally.


There are only a few that I'm aware of that do multi amps, and with that there are a few considerations. Are the amps you're planning on switching, combos, heads (each with it's own cab), or are you planning on multiple heads through 1 cab, or a combination of all of the above???

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Thanks for the suggestions.. yes each amp with its own cab...

I take it Morley, APEX and the like are tone suckers?


The Lehle does 2




The Radial does 2




Framptone (2)




CAE up to 4 amps Model V.1 [this is the one I use, but I switch 4 heads with the dry amp tone all through 1 4x12 cab] (one at a time, then sends a line level signal in parallel to my wet rig) Bob Bradshaw the Godfather of rack switching stuff, KILLER and has stood the test of time.






Skrydstrup up to 4 same features as above CAE, but made in Europe and pretty expensive. gets GREAT reviews from those who use them


Can't find a cool pic for you, but th ecompany's name is skrydstrup R&D


Psionic Audio is Custom, He'll do what you want, not sure of the max number though, it'd be a custom order.


Mesa Engineering, used by many including Petrucci. Mesa does 4 amps




The Morley, and Apex are ok, just that they are sort of the Hyundai of switchers, not that that is bad, just not great. Some have had ground lift issues with them, but should work ok. IF you're looking for the BEST, CAE and Skrydstrup are it. The Framptone is commercially available and is fantastic, but only does 2 amps.

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