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  1. I like the use of wah in this video [YOUTUBE]3ZKaRcvqyq4[/YOUTUBE]
  2. From now on, everyone post their rig in every single thread, regardless of being OT. Bonus points for having your signal chain diagrammed out in CAD.
  3. I've tried both ways, and with my marshall don't like the delay first or not in the loop. And sigh at zachman again haha When you try using it w/d, or w/d/w, using the preamp AND power amp section to your effects via a line level feed-- you'll remember me telling you how much better it would sound, and you'll smile and say to yourself, damn that zachman was right all along.
  4. i'm really not a wah guy.... anyone else feel like wah's aren't for them? How/Why is this supposed to be important, to anyone but you?
  5. id imagine some of us would im thinking about building one. it just seems to make sense..... opinions on the subjct? Yes, but mine is a rack mounted one, w/22 control functions (not a pedal version) It does make sense to me.
  6. Yes, as many here have accurately pointed out: your "way of saying" ultimately ends up with the ZachRack picture - FTW. You say that like it's a unique bad thing, ME posting pics of my gear... I swear this kindergarten crap w/ so many of the angry/extra sensitive pedal boys is boring. If the Big complicated rig gives you boys anxiety, try to remember--- you don't use it, and since you likely don't want to increase in your understanding of how the gear works, your ignorance is safe, and there is nothing to fear. My big rig isn't trying to compete against your pedal rigs, it's more of a mans rig, unlike so many of you all-- scrambling to all have the same analog delay and fuzz pedals, following the market trend. I suspect you're really upset because you know you're FOS, and I am a constant reminder of just how FOS you are.
  7. Explain how in post #12 you called BS? It was my way of calling BS, and saying- Here's why... The OP's way limits them to delay 1st, and mine/others solution of either/or leaves a solution providing for more options, FTW.
  8. Been there, done that and--You're Wrong??? heheheehee This is how!!! Everything else is meh: What was that term? Oh ya, "bitches". Showing dirt before and after delay, assuming you know what you're looking at, but then follow it up w/ , and suddenly some of you all have lost your minds and sensibility. Sheesh, take a Midol already.
  9. Have you? Thread after thread? :poke: It was going well, until a few of the anti-rack, pedals only crowd decided they wanted to prove their ignorance, once again-- and start w/ the personal attacks. As far as me reaching my ability to have an intellectual conversation w/ those who are NOT interested in having one-- Yes, I have reached the limit of my ability to rid the ignorant of their ignorance.
  10. http://acapella.harmony-central.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2182261 Here you go dude I didn't post one word in that thread. Despite how many times I've listed pedals and $300 and lower gear to TONS of members, guys just LOVE suggesting that I ONLY post about my gear, and ONLY suggest expensive gear... TOTALLY false, but they keep the ignorance flowing by promoting bull{censored}.
  11. With that exact EQ setting? Recorded on this exact day? Recorded with that exact pose? So, you've realized that you've passed the limits of your ability to have an intellectual conversation, and will now resort to writing stupid {censored}, w/ the only intention of stirring up {censored}... Got it...
  12. I bet there are sounds I can get out of my rig that you can't perfectly replicate. I'm sure there are a hell of a lot you can get that I can't replicate. But, to reiterate, it's pretentious--and obnoxious--to presume that you will sound better. Again, I NEVER said as much... It's a fabrication by you and others.
  13. Yeah, but you scoop the mids. This is a clip of that EXACT setting, using THAT exact amp.... I hear the mids just fine. Of course, what you didn' take into account is that I was running that head, re-amping the boogie MKIIB on the floor next to the stack, into that head. If you can't hear them, you might want to get your ears checked.
  14. Reread the post of yours that I quoted before. I am not against rack equipment. I have seen some great shows and other live recordings with no rack equipment that sounds great. No worries... I don't take offense. If people don't prefer rack gear for their needs, that is fine. I know I've repeated over and over over the years that I don't use rack gear all the time, and that ALL gear are mere tools to get a job done. It's when they mistakenly assume what I might do with it, or why I find it useful that has them tripping over themselves and their ignorant assertions.
  15. Look at your pretentious-as-{censored} (while we're talking about that word) sig. What is untrue in my sig?
  16. And before you tell me that I am hiding behind the internet, I would have no hesitation saying this to your face, then melting it with my amazing pedal sounds. Uh huh...
  17. Delay Last? Wrong Bitches. Wrong. First pedal in the line after tuner, try and you will be amazed. Guitar->Modtone Analog Delay->BD-2->BD-2=secks.
  18. sorry mate, I have to agree with rambo and i514 on this one. post #15 just really wasn't necessary, and didn't advance the thread or influence anyone's opinions about anything pedal related and what not. The diagram is fine by me, if you want to post an elaborate picture just to say 'I prefer delay post-distortion', I'm not going to argue with that. I just thought post #15 was a bit pretentious I posted it (Post #15) in response to the previous poster who made a positive comment, "Sweet rig" to the diagram, so I posted a followup pic... I don't see the big deal with that. I found Post #1 to be pretentious, and contradicted it w/ the diagram, which you say you was fine by you.
  19. I can't believe this forum puts up with your {censored},you make more negative comments in one thread than I have in my whole HC existance,I'm the hypocrite? I promise I won't make one more comment directed at you,if you promise to do the same,we'll just ignore each other or I'll just give up on this forum,that means you can't respond to this post,if you do all bets are off. Well, if those are the terms: All bets are OFF. If by negative comments, you mean telling the truth, having my own opinion and defending my position from guys like you who come at me hurling personal attacks, and half-witted accusations, then reserving the right to now play the victim card? Pffft... You're dismissed. I'm adding you to my ignore list
  20. why don't you feel free to refrain from posting your rack stuff in threads where they don't apply. the guy is talking about the order of two effects. if you have some thoughts on this matter then why don't you state them. You don't need to start posting all these diagrams, videos and pictures of your rig. most of the people here don't give a {censored}. The diagram I posted, DOES show my thoughts on the order of things. If you can't read it, or understand it, (most cool guys that are interested would / and DO), just ask me. As far as MOST people here not giving a {censored} goes... I say, Good... Then they can STFU about how they give a {censored} what I say, because it isn't always about something cheap, or in the form of a pedal, or is on topic with a view that appears to NOT be based on a niche or genre based approach to selecting gear, AND it sure as hell is going to ALWAYS be about what YOU approve of, which is why you are NOT required to respond to me, since you guys think it's inappropriate and all. Add me to your ignore list. THAT is why it's there.
  21. I agree,the difference though is that I don't wonder into his "rack tone lounge" thread and spout off,I don't do it because it's a rack thread,and if you don't agree to discuss gear in a positive manner then keep your mouth shut and let people engage in something constructive amongst themselves,if he would do the same with pedal threads there wouldn't be a problem. I've heard it said, "what better advice is there to take, than to take is your own?" With that in mind, I double checked-- JUST to make sure--and I was correct (again). YOU haven't made a SINGLE on topic comment in this ENTIRE thread, so far... You specifically came in to cause trouble. My previous posts re: my block diagram and rig pics (w/ others who expressed an appreciation) seemed to be going fine, and exhibited a positive direction--until the trouble makers wanted to come in here and do EXACTLY what you're doing too. You protest me for-- discussing my thoughts re: equipment and the use of effects, here in the "Effects" Forum, of all places, because you think the Effects forum-- unless specifically stated in what (a thread title), should be assumed by ALL to be about pedals? AND... While doing that... You want to reserve the right to: *Come into a thread *NOT contribute to the OT *Give someone a load of crap *Address the topic of positive contributions, while having made NONE??? Is that about right??? Hypocrite, is the word that comes to mind
  22. question to the mods,is this Harmony Central or Zachman Central? I belong to other forums and none of them have an arrogant troll that constantly destroys thread after thread with their self absorbed redundant,know it all attitude,can you guys not see that he's ruining an otherwise great forum,I haven't been here long and I'm already sick of it. This IS the Effects forum which does include rack gear, pedals, plugins, analog, and digital, gear... While I do have my own lounge here, I am not limited to posting anywhere, because of it. Feel free to refrain from commenting to me or anyone else who posts threads or responds in threads, which don't appeal to your music gear tastes... Better still, add me to your ignore list, PLEASE Your posts do seem extremely low on actual content driven side of the coin.
  23. hey Zachman fluffboy,who asked for your opinion???? Who asked for yours? cleverbastid's thread title summed up his position with a total lack of tact, and I responded to it. YOU, however; just like to be abrasive, and as of yet, I haven't seen any contributing info from you, so-- you're dismissed
  24. Is that why you came in here, half-cocked, started {censored}, and tried to defend yourself for it? Sorry, not buying it. Zach can be an ass, and he knows it. He's also proud of himself, and we know it. Who are you? ROFLMAO.... 100% correct on ALL counts.
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