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Sorry if this has already been done but..Here's the situation


You can only have 10 effects on your pedalboard..


You can fill it up with whatever type, brand, and size pedals.


Here I'll start


1. Line 6 DL4


2. ProCo Vintage Rat


3. Digitech Whammy


4. Boss RV3


5. EHX Small Stone


6. Demeter Tremulator


7. Boss SD1


8. DOD 440


9. Boss FV500H


10. Boss TU2


This imo would get a general good sound for a Indie/Alternative band.


This is actually my setup right now :) haha but i know most of you have 12+ pedals so this will work better for ppl with alot of pedals..

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1. Mayo

2. Screwdriver

3. RE-20

4. DE7!

5. RMC Wheels of Fire

6. Analogman BeanoBoost

7. Electric Mistress (The Big Muff sized one)



I cant think of any more efffects that I really want. because i dont like modulation that much. I guess I would put like some sort of vintage fuzz on there. Like a Fuzz Face.



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1. Crybaby Wah

2. Digitech Bad Monkey

3. Line 6 Uber Metal

4. EHX Small Clone

5. Ibanez FL7 Flanger

6. Danelectro Tuna Melt Tremolo

7. Some kind of volume pedal, probably a Boss

8. Nobels DD800 Digital Delay

9. Line 6 Echo Park

10. Line 6 Verbzilla


I have this. I will have this very soon. I want this.

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Favorite 10? I guess the set up I'm going for and eventually hope to be rocking again:



1.Korg Pitchblack Tuner

2.Keeley Compressor

3.Keeley Phat Mod Blues Driver

4.Keeley Plus Mod TS-9

5.Boss DD-3

6.Boss DD-5

7.Boss DM-2


Those are my favorites right now. Add an EB VP Jr. and a Vox Wah, that comes to 9. I can't use 10 effects!

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10 is way more than I will ever need or use at any given time but I'll play along.


1) Korg Pitchblack Tuner

2) ZVex Fuzz Factory, USA (mainly for the crazy stuff)

3) Wah

4) Big Muff, USA (with Flat & Mid-Boost toggle)

5) '89 Turbo Rat

6) MXR Phase 90 (with Script/Normal toggle)

7) BF-2 MIJ

8) Ernie Ball VP, Jr. (for modulation and delay swells)

9) DD-7

10) DD-3

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I wasn't going to join in on this, as i agree that 10 pedals is waaaay too much for a 'limiting type' list. but here goes for kicks and giggles

1) Keeley Comp

2) Volume Pedal

3) Tuner

4) Tim

5) DD5

6) DL4



7) OCD

8) Goatkeeper

9) Modfactor

10) Katana

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