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should I put the mute on my Jag bridge?


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They kind of get in the way for some players. I've never been a huge fan of them - I've always thought it was just easier, faster and more natural to use the side of my picking hand to palm mute than it is to activate / deactivate the mechanical mute. Plus, you have the ability to control and vary the amount of pressure you apply that way. The mechanical mute is less like a sitar and more similar to a palm mute in terms of the basic sound. It doesn't add any kind of buzz or metallic edge to the sound, although it might be possible to mod it to make it do that. I'd have to give some thought to how I'd go about doing that from a design perspective...


The mute is part of the visuals of the vintage Jaguars, and I like the way they look on there, and as long as it doesn't get in your way as you play, I'd leave it on. As far as adding it to a build, it's just extra stuff I wouldn't use very much (if at all), and if you feel the same, you can save a few bucks by not getting one.


Then again, I have an ashtray for my Tele bridge, and even though I usually take it off when I play, I'm glad I have it. I'd probably do the same on a Jag build - install the mute and get the bridge cover. Consider it "case candy."

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