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Yeah boy, I got this last week, the BAT LSTR fuzz.


TL:WR: Great muff that actually has many different tones in it, beyond muff. And it stacks well too.


So yeah, great sounding fuzz, I might actually like this pedal more than the Pharaoh. It isn't quite as versatile, but more so than I expected. The gain knob still has a pretty wide range to it - not really overdrive tones, but you can get mild fuzz, to really heavy doom like fuzz. The EQ knobs are what set this pedal apart. Lost in the mix using a muff? Not anymore, turn the mids control up, and everyone else will be lost in your awesomeness.


THe treble control has a really wide range too, i seem to like it around noon to maybe 2 or 3 oclock. Mids control around noon to maybe 2 p.m., but dial back the treble, and turn up the mids, and this pedal has a totally different tone now, not even that muff like now. Really wild.


Turn back the fuzz control for a more controlled Black Keys sound, and then hit it with a good overdrive, and you get that extra thick piercing tone that sounds awesome. The LSTR also sounds great with some reverb, tremolo and delay. I also goose it with my Mad Prof FGC for even more sustain.


So yeah, for $150 or less, this pedal should really be seen on more boards. Great BK tone, or dial it heavy for some Mastodon/doom like tones. A beast. Here are some other clips of it that l liked too, and my pic:







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