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  1. Originally Posted by dZjupp i just got a timebender for xmas, its the tits. i used a dd20 for about 5 years a while back, its the tits too. the timebender has bigger titties
  2. Originally Posted by pbone I bought the timebender. Same price as the dd20, figure I could flip if I don't like. Sweet. Is it getting shipped or do you have it?
  3. I mostly focus on drawing when I can (which is not often). I miss it a lot though.
  4. Originally Posted by macadood Report'd for cross-forum trolling
  5. Originally Posted by fractal This is close, but I need one 9VAC tap... For the Whammy IV perhaps?
  6. It does suit my needs on one board . . . http://www.ebay.com/itm/VooDoo-Labs-...item43b6b053ed
  7. Bump. Just thought about them because I am listening to "It Doesn't Matter."
  8. Originally Posted by blueboxer I love me some fretless, Manring plays fretless. So did Jaco.
  9. Originally Posted by blueboxer I can dig. What about Mingus, Jaco and Stanley Clarke? Tee hee, I wasn't trying to exclude other great bass players, I just thought Manring was worthy of mention.
  10. Originally Posted by Poltergeist i really like what he's doing with the instrument, some of the sounds and textures are pretty out there. not something i'd listen to everyday but i enjoy watching him play, he's such a master and i don't think his pieces are very pretentious or anything like that, really, i think he can also write a good tune.
  11. Originally Posted by Computicus The more guys we have pushing the boundaries on bass, the better. Just going on those two videos, i find his intros a little boring because it seems like he's not really doing anything other than "Hey, look what crazy technique i'm using this time!" but after he gets over that and lets the tune really start, it's cool stuff. I hear ya. I guess those things don't really bother me but I can see where it seems to be more form rather than substance.
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