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  1. I mostly focus on drawing when I can (which is not often). I miss it a lot though.
  2. Originally Posted by macadood Report'd for cross-forum trolling
  3. Bump. Just thought about them because I am listening to "It Doesn't Matter."
  4. The following are for sale: AMT LLM-1 sold! Prices are in signature. The only trades I am interested in are: Boss - RC30 Source Audio Reverb
  5. Shoot me a private message if you are looking to sell your Barber Tone Press.
  6. I would like to buy a Barber Tone Press. Shoot me a message if you have one.
  7. An older Family shot minus my Alvarez Acoustic and the newest edition to the family Fap-worthy.
  8. A lot of them are my clients. Cool cool.
  9. The newest addition. [ATTACH]343129[/ATTACH]
  10. Haha, yea Greensburg man. Saying it's a dump doesn't really fully explain it though. It's not {censored}ty like it's a shelled out post-industrial dump where half the houses are abandoned and everyone does crack. For what it is it's got decent colleges and economic activity. There's just some freaked out Hills Have Eyes/Gummo {censored} that goes on there. Rural PA is just so inexplicably {censored}ed up. This is true. McKees Rocks on the other hand...
  11. Yeah. It's a total {censored}ing {censored}hole. I drive through it a couple times in the summer when I got to Hannastown for their monthly flea market. Good ol' Pittsburgh.
  12. I don't know why people are posting in a thread this old, but if anyone's hoping for closure: the joke's on megadeath1092812 because Greensburg, PA is a dump and everyone that lives there is an asshole. Should I? bump this? Sorry dudes, was just doing a google search on Omar and came across this. Now that I live in Pittsburgh I get the Greensburg rip .
  13. Parker Southern Nitefly, National Resophonic Resotone, Jerry Jones Neptune 12-String, Composite Acoustics Cargo, Chandler Lap Steel I really dig the whole rig, good job man!
  14. what about the vox cooltron at musiciansfriend....looks kinda cool...no pun intended... http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Vox-Cooltron-CT06TR-VibraVOX-TremoloVibrato-Pedal?sku=150254
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