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anyone like trimpots in this place? NdodD


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some more NooodDs... after wondering if a tweaked analog chorus can get into the weirdness range of a EHX Polychorus, I found out that old DOD chorus do have trimpots. :D


the older fx65 has 2, the newer fx68 should have only 1, but the screws were stripped a bit so I need to use my screwdriver set at home to give it a good go.



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So the fx68 only had 1 trimpot



And didn't change anything I could find





The fx65 is an older one because it has 2 trim pots



But it has an led on the board so I think this is the oldest on in the series

See it lit as the pedal is plugged in



Both trimpots at first did nothing, but the upper on does mess with the bias or fidelity of the delay chip or something because with the delay time up at almost full to full & the depth at minimum or under 25% it crackles at the peaks of the cycle in a noisey way. You can hear it bleed through when off, so when bypassed you have to get the depth up over half to negate this.


Overall the fx65 is more fun I guess, but the fx68 does go a bit faster and has the level control.


Might return the fx68 because I don't know if it would ever get used with my keeping the fx65


I'd get rid of both for a ehx polychorus though :lol: as that would be a much more versatile backup pedal to have.




Bunny on my sidewalk for reading that all




Asshole rabbit dug a hole in the grass between the sidewalk and the street

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